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Web Portfolio Of Online Freelance Writers Even

Without any Writing Experience


Freelance professional writing expresses your creative side to explore talent on the world wide web as a writer.

As a freelance writer you learn advanced writing and at the same time you learn how to be the best entrepreneur.  Starting from receiving traffic through your search engine optimized articles to making six figure, you can do all by writing on any topic you choose to.

Is it free writing okay for other people and organizations if needed ?

Now the question is once you have not written for others, or have been ghost writing, where all  the exclusive rights are sold along with the writing project, you have no examples to show for freelance writing work.

The expert online freelance writers are suggesting write for free for the new client and provide them the samples for being accepted by them.

Me and many other find it unethical.  It reduces the confidence level and makes the writer accept the lower remuneration to their written work for life and they are not able to make a high level of income some time for life.  As it is myth that for freelance writers 80 – 20 rules apply.  20 percent of the freelance writers take 80 % of the total income for this niche.

So as a starter be careful do not let yourself fall for the least income category of writers.

When you decide to earn professionally as a freelance writer, and you do not have a professional portfolio to start getting paid for your writing with direct money, create barter system with the person who want your written work.

Write an article, a blog or a press release or a promoting site in exchange of getting more real referrals. One article that you wrote must get you two two or three more orders and after providing the best service get testimonial also.

Now you have three referrals and testimonial.  But again it is not a very smart deal to start with.  Now create a deal that is worth while, as it should have marketing benefits, an exposure to your skill to their site.

How To Build Portfolio Pieces With No Experience

1.  Blogs and Contents site:  If your specialty is web content in Internet marketing, the excellent way to start building a portfolio is to launch your own blog on Internet marketing.

Simply write the URL’s of most read and best written posts for the clients to read.  These will be the proof for your portfolio writing, while creating PDF.

2.  Article directory:  Repurpose your articles that you have been writing to the directories,

a.  Create an organized book with some of articles, start selling it and present that as your writing sample.

b.  Create a PDF of your most read articles on the directories, Write a box at the end of the articles, how this articles was read most this many times in this much time.  A virtual proof that your written work is read In lots of numbers as it is a well written and attractive piece of written work.

3.  Guest Post:  If want to get long exposure and credibility guest posts is the best way to do it.   Once this gets the best response and comments from readers, you can use this post in the PDF format with comments to the post, and the total number of comments and readers to the post….to add to your portfolio.

4.  Write for non profit organization:  This is where you can write an article and donate it to them for free and us it in PDF format for your Portfolio.

5.  Surf the Internet and look at the sites that you know.  Feel the need where you can add some written work.  Ask that business owner, you want to increase the promotion of your product in such a way will you like it done.
If the owner is happy write an article to improve their ranking, or promoting  the niche products.  Use this article as your portfolio PDF.

6.  Announce Sale for a limited time:  Running a sale

Now be careful about the use of words in this sale. Do not ever say “Since I am new, I am going to write articles for a while at $5.00 per articles for a while at and then raise my rates later once the sale is over.”

Instead say something like this, though I have a promotional campaign on but do not think it is a cheap product.  May regular rate is $20.00 per article for a 500 hundred word article.  I am currently starting  a sale (create an interesting name for this sale to make it more exciting to be grabbed easily) I am currently running sale for a limited time for the new clients only.  As soon as required number of offers are in we will close this

1.  This way you are putting a limit to low rates which is a clear message that your rates are average this promotion is to grab more clients it is bonus to them for trying.

2.  People love accepting timely savings and those who need more work done will take this option right away.  Make sure to accept the right number of assignments that you can do.  Or arrange more writers to write if more order comes than your capacity.  Remember the dead line commitment is very important for all these situations, rather even most important as it make them your client. So offer all possible services and qualities in this sale.

3  Here in this sales strategy you have told the clients what do you really expect from them so it will work to show that you are not a person to expect
Low rates.

Now that you have few ideas to get you started on portfolio pieces, get to work on building a portfolio that will attract clients, increase your credibility and demonstrate what you feel your writing is really worth.

Some Effective Elements that  Freelance Writing Portfolio needs

1  Logo

Logo creation is important for your business on the top of the home page of your portfolio site.  This logo should be beautifully fixed on the top left hand corner of your website.

2.  Tagline

A short and crisp summarized word or phrase that describes what do you do, in an elite outstanding way.  This tagline appears on your business cards blog, emails, and everywhere you sign your name.

3.  Portfolio

This is the most important page of your portfolio website.  It is about the writer.  Make it interesting.  Add writers picture and some very powerful, impressive words to describe the writing style of the freelance writer, besides the experience education and writers ability to write skillfully has to be described in full.  This page has to be written very effectively.

4.  Services

This page is directly connected to portfolio.  Write the details of Freelance writing assignments that you will be accepting if you have other partners writers available, writer, write their details with pictures.  Pricing, of all kind as you want to display for your clients.  Mention  about quality of customer service and specials if any.

5.  About me

This is a very special page for Freelance writers.  Images, education, writing experience, awards and books.  Everything to increase the brand strategy of the writer.

6.  Contact me

For some visitors contact page is very important.  They determine how honest and reliable this site is, with the presentation of this page.  So be hones and provide as much information as you can.  They want to know your full address and if there is a business phone number besides email address.  A form for contacting the business for question.

7.  Blog

A blog is a must for every business.  Deals for creating relationship with the customer, and inviting more clients to visit your site for getting more business.  Do not open the comments site for customers.

8.  Call to action

This page will have the real call to action.  Be specific and use the right words to express it for example “Hire ME”, “request a quote” or “view my profile”

Once your portfolio websites and blog is created with these details, you pricing standard will work in favor to be high.  Produce a high quality work and keep everyone super satisfied .

Branding is really important for any business.  It becomes more important online because you do not get to meet any person when you are buying from their site.  You are introduced to the person with the website only.

Words do not really paint a picture, they simply create an idea in your mind what steps to take.

Therefore, I searched some portfolio I did find some better sites in the past, but right now I found the following.  Have a look at them and decide how you want done.

Some Examples From Google

1 This portfolio shows how a portfolio should look like


Extension of the url’s has undrscores



2     http://freelancewriter4hire.com/rates.html


I know this freelance writer online.  She is very down to earth, awesome lady with young children.  She has a few books already written on Amazon. She writes for Associated content and Yahoo.  Lots and lots of ghost writing.

3.  http://melissatayloronline.com

Simple and still very producing site.

4.  http://www.dawnweinberger.com/portfolio

5.  I love this website


I have a feeling you got the complete picture how to work on a portfolio website.

Now my friends, I have done all the work for you.  It is your chance to show your skills that you can take yourself to another level to fame and freedom.
With my energy working along with you I am all ears for you, I am waiting to hear from you or ready to look at your portfolio website so you get what you deserve be a well paid writer.  Provide traffic to your portfolio site.  Create more branding for yourself and your site and get the results you want. All the success.  Remember do it right now or you will loose the top motivation that is created here by reading all the info.  It will die down with time.  So start this minute and take your life to the other end where there is light freedom and extreme success.

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Fran Aslam

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38 thoughts on “Web Portfolio for Freelance Writers
  1. Lisa Mason

    Thank you Fran very much for the links and the nice plug. One correction though, if you don’t mind. I don’t do ghostwriting. Thanks for your kind words!

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Lisa:

      Hi Lisa:

      I realized that too after writing, and my ping went to you before I even published the post properly. So I have corrected it. I mean it has not been read by any body ( I am assuming). I do understand, it was an error in a hurry on my part. You can check the site, it is not there any more. Thanks for notifying. I only meant good. ( I like your hair in the pic)

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Ryan

      I am glad to see you and your comment. Actually, I did not go to your site for few days too. I was doing that when the 100 comment challenge started. So how are things ? Did we get more people? I will hop to your site to check. Thanks

      Make it great for yourself.

      Fran A

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  3. Mandy Allen

    Hi Fran, I had thought I was reasonable writer and submitted my details to a freelance writing site. I was rejected! I couldn’t believe it. Apart from the fact that I am published and have a PhD, I put lots of examples of my writing (eZine expert author articles and my blog being the main ones as it was online freelance writing). I don’t use plr or ghostwriters, do it all myself, but it seems I am not good enough! Ha ha! Anyway, now I’ve paid my tax bill I don’t need the extra cash I was hoping it would bring in!

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Good Luck or just a coincidence

    1. Fran Aslam

      HI Mandy:

      I was just over to your site. I am shocked to hear that you are also treated this way. As you know about Freelance writer the myth is that 20 % freelance writers with influence and connections make 80 % of the total income.

      There is a way to beat system write to be your site, so you do not have to provide proof. But still your customer will need proof. Once you will read my new post, there are examples of some sites, look at them and follow that on your blog, use the same hosting buy a differenet domain name, so your writing side has your own URL. Then write some special articles.
      Make it the proof and sell your writing right from here. Word of mouth and social media, branding will make you famous as a writer, give it almost three moths, you will able to charge $20-$25 for each article.
      Then few months after start taking blog contracts from companies and your awesome income will start. In a year you will have so many writing order that you will need to add an assistant to your portfolio. Just plan think and apply.

      Fran A

      I hope this helps, please read my latest post on freelance writing jobs.
      Be independent writer and set you your own office and site to make money.

      Fran A

  4. Danielle McGaw

    Hi Fran,
    I agree that a portfolio is essential for any writer that wants to be taken seriously. I didn’t have one other than my main blog (that you’ve been to) but recently I put up the portfolio version of my site: http://daniellemcgaw.info

    I have a question though. You said, “A blog is a must for every business. Deals for creating relationship with the customer, and inviting more clients to visit your site for getting more business. Do not open the comments site for customers.” Why do you say don’t open the comments?
    Danielle McGaw recently posted..“If You Build It They Will Come” – 6 Ways to Make Sure They Do

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Danielle:

      Thanks you very much for writing a comment, as comment tells me your perception of my log post which helps me a lot for the coming posts. I am going to see your portfolio as I do want to know all the secrets of writing the best one. You never know when you need to write a professional one for making money. Thanks for asking a question about the comments to be closed. I added this because I have noticed people who are using blogs as static sites do close their comments section and when you are using the blog as a business entity to make money, it is a good idea to remover all the contradictory ideas or impressions. As you want new customers to see only the positive of the product, site, and the owner of the business. As the bottom line is to make the most money by selling. Comments are good for a networking blog, where you need to connect with more people, use the comment for getting a link and be a part of the network. On a business site you are list building and doing customer service to all those who visit by showing your business skills only, customer are special friends and they need your good picture only to make more back door sales, and new product sales.

      I hope that explains why?

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Peter:

      Peter from ideas bubble, you blog has a very special name and show your thinking ability, to work in a special way. Thanks for writing a comment. Well not to add pricing is okay, once you write on a very less volume and without planning. But when it is your main source of income it is very important to have a price. Pricing not only determines the value of the written work but also a writers standard in the network. It certainly determines quality of work that customer will get.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam


      Thank you for agreeing with me. Guess what, I am seriously thinking that we should make a small group of freelance writers, to share all the good and the bad, what is your opinion about that. You think this can help all in our group to move ahead. I think it will. Let me know what do you think about it, because you sound like minded, and that is a great opportunity to be in one group.

      I saw your portfolio, it is made in a professional way. It is looking good,
      You did not create a pricing page. I think pricing is very important, as you know there are places that offer $3.00 per articles, and others who offer $30.00. So once they see your price they will be able to determine where you belong. But it is your choice.
      Nice talking to you. I was going to read your post and write a comment there.
      So, I will be there back again.

      You have a nice night.
      Fran A
      P.S. I like Canada, I have lived there, in Toronto

  5. Lesley from EasyContentBlueprints

    Hi Fran – it’s an interesting idea, creating a portfolio. I have to agree with your earlier commenter, it’s not a good idea to put a price on your website – I like to charge people according to the amount of time a piece will take me. If it’s a subject I have to research it will take longer than if it is a subject I know about. For me the most important part is a page featuring the testimonials clients provide.
    Lesley from EasyContentBlueprints recently posted..Vera Wangs Wedding Gown Suggestions for Kate Middleton

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Lesley:

      That is the freedom of of freelance, I wore, what is my experience and search and you came up with your own results. Good thing at this point we both agree with each other 50% percent. That is not too bad. The idea is to get get the best results in the form of conversion. Everyone is different and wants to follow their own way.

      Wish you the best.

      Fran A

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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Firduas:

      I have been watching you when I go to your site, you are trying to achieve money goal. Build your brand now so your list starts believing in you more, buy as soon as you introduce a product. You have good internet skills, give it your focus and some extra time. You can do it, as you have got what it takes. According to the lunar calender this is an important month and you probably know it, so do what this month requires and meditate by praying to almighty. I wish you all the success.

      So, by happy and see the future very close and work on it today.

      Have a good week end.

      Fran A

  7. Paul

    Fran great resources in one spot- Truly some great tips and gold here for those smart enough to apply your wisdom.

    Thanks for sharing it with us :)


    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi John;

      Thanks for beautiful comment on my blog post. I appreciate it very much. I love visiting your site too. I wrote two comments there today.

      Have a great day

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Adam:

      Nice for you to agree, I know that is the reason I don’t write about my niche, and want to talk about Internet Marketing all the time. But the again I do specialize in writing about Internet marketing to, as I have done advanced courses, in that.

      However, you are also an all around person you can write on any topic in an outstanding style. it is the power of expression and your focus along with a bright mind.

      All the best.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Thanks for reading my blog post and understanding what is freelance writing. If you want to have an online presence, ou got to know freelance write for expressing yourself, your ideas and your trends.

      Thanks for writing a comment and hope to see you here again, I do write on different aspects of marketing.

      Fran A

  8. Barry Wells

    Hi Fran, Firstly I want to thank you for your comments on my blog and the tweets that you have sent me over recent weeks offering words of support and adding me and my mother to your prayers. It is very much appreciated and has helped lift my spirits, “Thank you my friend”.

    Regarding your post: While i have no intention of becoming a freelance writer myself, I did find your post extremely helpful as it can be used for most online business applications where we need to promote ourselves.

    I’ve never thought of creating a portfolio for myself but it does make sense, when i can fill a little more than a page ;)

    Hopefully that time will come later in the year when i’ve been able to complete some of my plans, time allowing that is.

    Great post Fran, thanks again for the support,

    Respect and Regards, Barry

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Barry:

      Thanks for connecting with me. I a glad you find some time to pay attention to your work. I am hoping your mom is improving gradually. Yeah I know being a professional writer on line is not a niche for everyone, as it takes lots of time and effort.

      But since you are such a helpful friend if anyone you know need some writing assignment to be done like blog packages or articles for any other reasons let me know.

      Thank you and keep in touch.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Sheila:

      Basically the idea is to show a sample of your writing skill. Because of mixed culture some people also want to see your Grammar or command on English too.
      That is about it. Also sheila as a self employed, we have to figure out how much money we need for a certain amount of time, as because of so much competition
      we have to make sure we get paid what we deserve. Many people over do it or under do it. But after lots of experience and an awesome name, over doing is fine.

      Sounds like you really read the blog post with great attention and grasped every word of it. Wow. I like you your style.

      Thank you.

      Fran A

  9. Martha Giffen

    I especially like your advice about guest blogging. It is an excellent way to get your work out there for many to see!
    I also loved the wording you recommended on how to sell your article writing for 5 bucks without putting down your own writing skills. Thanks!

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Martha:

      Thanks for reading my blog post and I am glad you like blog posting. It is a great features for bloggers, to raise credibility. It is very effective and really works.

      Fran A

  10. Kathy Dobson

    Hi Fran…
    Boy am I glad I navigated over here this morning ;)

    I would love to do more online writing as I love to write and writing for others and getting paid to do so would be awesome!

    I think I need to take some time to look through some of your other posts so that I really understand what process I need to go through in order to do this.

    Are there freelance sites you prefer over others to apply to? Do I just Google for choices?

    This has all been very revealing and thanks for the heads up!
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..Chuck Goetschel’s Personal Passion Formula

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Kathy:

      Thanks for visiting my site and finding some information that you can use. It is always a joy to know. Since you have been writing online, you are a writer yourself, just need to adopt some professional ways to get paid gigs. There are several easy places for that, like Pro bloggers, Craig’s list, and some famous sites that come up when you google, also ODesk, free lance writers, and many more. I like the ones that I mentioned in my post web portfolio. Also, if you want to be popular as a writer, you need to have your own site, where you accept orders from clients. Also amazon Kindle is the most popular place to
      get published your blog or books or magazines. Just study the market, for a week, get to know things and make your own plan, there is nothing better than Independent work. It has freedom of choice. I love sharing my thoughts, I can learn from yours too, keep in touch.

      Fran A

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  12. Raphael N. Walker@buy gold

    ……Posted January 18th 2011 By in ……………The thought of starting a freelance business can be a daunting prospect but here I have compiled a list of helpful suggestions to help give your business a kickstart. .If you re just starting up your freelance business it s highly unlikely you re fortunate enough to just be able to jump straight in quit your job without any savings or support and manage to stay afloat. It may mean you need to save up your holiday and take a few weeks off work in order to spend a chunk of time preparing things building up your clients getting your website sorted or producing work for your portfolio.