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Tips to lose Weight for Diabetes Cure


There is a lot more to reducing weight as a diabeties cure than simply trying to shed some pounds for total health and fitness. It is best to take help from a nutritionist, diabetes educator, certified dietition, endocrinologist, or your diabetes doctor or simply from a support group usually available from hospitals. Online support groups is also a great idea. This will help you with better results and may be even the quickest way to loose weight than if you do it yourself with trial and error.


Losing 10-15 pounds has major benefits


  • It will lower blood sugars, check it with A1C test
  • Reduce blood pressure closer to normal
  • Reduce diabetes complications retinopathy neuropathy and foot problems and a lot more
  • Improves chlosterol levels and improves healthy cholesterol levels


Getting these results is worth the effort as your energy level will increase and you will feel much better to live an active lifestyle.



1.  Plan it carefully


Check your options by knowing what will work best. Get all the information that empowers you to make better decisions. A meal plan that will help in diabetes management and still help you shed pounds is one of the best choices.



2. Make sure this plan fits your lifestyle


Every individual has a different lifestyle of their own and here since the objective is two fold to reduce weight so you feel better and lower regular blood sugar levels right way, you have to work with more focus and care than simply reducing calories. Healthy diet meal plan is a must. Dropping 10 % of the weight will bring a significant change in your diabetes and plus more healthy side effect. So create a plan that goes with your lifestyle, a plan that is easy to stick to for a longer period of time.


3. Keep track of your blood sugar chart


Writing a blood sugar chart every day is a must as it will help you make better choices for reduciing blood sugars and a quickest way to loose weight. If you feel checking blood sugars with blood glucose monitor helps you check your blood sugars before eating a meal and two hours after eating. This makes you stick to


  • Portion control with every snack and meal.
  • You get to know what foods stabilizes your blood sugars and what food spikes your blood sugar levels high. Fruits and vegetables are effective for best nutrition weight loss and keeping your blood sugars close to normal.


 4. Go for the right balance of food required


As a diabetic the most important goal is to have glucose control for regular blood sugar level that makes it very important to have balanced meals that consists of protein carbohydrates and fats in every meal. The best balance that can work for many people is


Fat 30 %

50 – 55 % carbs ( may be even less depends on individual diabetes levels)

10 – 15 % from lean protein.

Once you have figured out a ratio for your personal physical balance it will help you get this two fold goal of weight loss and normal blood sugar range.


 5. Quantity of carbs


For diabetes control the most important factor is to watch the intake of carbohydrates and espacially refined carbs to be in the required limits to avoide sugar spikes that create diabetes complication. Once you use least refined carbs, or no refined carbs it becomes much easier to maintain normal blood sugar levels range and at the sametime weight loss is much consistant because of using vegatable carbs and fiber enriched foods.



6. Complex carbohydrates


This means all grains must be used from whole grain groups, including pasta and rice. Use brown rice whole grain pasta and whole wheat bread, and vegetables for a fiber rich diet . Fiber rich diet will stablize your blood sugar levels to normal and these fiber rich foods will help you reducing weight and will not make you hungry for longer period. Avoid refined sugar calories as it promotes diabetes and you do need to get rid of it.


7. Fruits and vegetables


Along with vegetables fruits is a great option for snakes and deserts. Berries, apples with skin and almost all fruits create a positive influence to control and prevent diabetes. Celery cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrots are dieters good friend. Using 6- 8 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables provides balanced nutrients and control insluin resistance for normal blood sugar levels.


8. Daily exercises


Once your are a diabetic, it is very important to maintian an exercise schedule and it becomes even more important when you decide to cure your diabetes and reduce weight. Exercise balances your blood sugars, burning calories with exercise will help fat loss and you will be able to reduce your weight much faster. Exercise also helps in keeping the weight off.  Each type of exercise creates a different effect.


  •   Aerobic fitness exercise helps you lower your blood sugar levels right away.
  •   Weight lifting routine or prolonged exercise impacts blood sugars after few hours.


Exercise burns blood sugar and sugar stored in the muscles and liver, The use of insluin reduces a lot. This again explains how you have to keep track of your blood sugar levels during weight loss and avoid hypoglycemia.


9. Walking exercise


Walking is the best easiest and effective exercise both for diabetes and weight loss. It is natural, slow and fast for 20-30 minutes is a great way to burn your stored sugars in the muscles, and it not only makes you fit but also helps to maintain blood sugars.


10. Enjoy your food


Create an eating pattern. When at home try eating at the dinning table every time. Eat slowly and chew the food, put your fork down in between bites and take time to finish your meal. This will help you become a satisfied eater and will not make you feel deprived of food inspite of portion control.


11. Do not weight yourself daily


Weight fluctuates quite a bit, so weight yourself once a week same time every time. This will give you a btter idea how much weight have you lost so far. Keep a written record of every week so it is easy to compare your weight loss every week.


12. Find a diet- buddy


If you have a friend to do the same with you, it will help you a lot. You can always compare notes, share positive points, and feel motivated to keep going. Join online or select someone from your support group.


13. Nurture yourself by rewarding often


This keeps you going positively and lets you see the positive side of the picture keeps the boredom away which you need. To reward yourself buy flowers for yourself, watch a movie, go for a spa treatment, buy a book that you want to read and similar other things.


 14. Gratitude and daily prayer does wonders


Use this strategy for weight loss and normal blood sugars range. Both gratitude and praying focus your efforts to achive your goal as a pleasant journey. Short prayer every morning or night works well .


15. Best drink for you


We have talked so much about food for weight loss with diabetes here. Now a bit about drinks. Remember water is the most important and pure drink. Make sure the water you drink is germ free clean and pure. Six to eight glasses of water is good practice add a slice of lemon or lime for freshness. Avoid juices sodas, energy drinks and artificial sweetners. Green tea and coffee are okay to use. A good green tea will boost metabolism to weight loss. There are so many types of coffee and coffee brands, select the healthy quality as it does reduce blood sugar spikes. It is a good idea to avoid flavored coffee, as is full of addatives. If you want to add juice in your diet plan, do so by knowing the sugar content of every juice, and the quantity that you can drink at one time for normal blood sugar range so your weight loss plan keeps going in the right direction.


Use these very effective strategies for diabetes cure for weight loss. Even a 10%-15 % weight loss will mean a good amount of reduction for diabetes complications. Go for it.




The sole purpose of this information is health awareness. This information is real and based on facts. It is not a substitute for medical care from your doctor or health care provider. Please check with your doctor on any related matter that concerns you for your health and well being.


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