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The Easiest Way To Improve Writing Skills

The easiest way to improve writing skills is to write


Articles every day

The easiest way to improve writing is to write more and more.  So if you want to be an skilled web writer, this perfection has one primary law and that is Practice.

It sounds very hard to think of writing 12 articles every day.  It is an effort that masterminds the plan.  It takes:

  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Determination

1.  The most important factor, is your typing speed.  You have to test your speed and if it is less than required, first you simply have to acquire advanced key boarding , on the internet and bring your speed up to 80 words per minute.

2.  Now start getting ready writing for the web practice.

  • Prepare by choosing the topic that is familiar to you for one week, that is 84 articles.
  • Add seven different sub topic that you can write as titles
  • Find keywords and make a list, do a spread sheet download.
  • Find research sources for additional information on these topics and make a note of it.
  • Keep stop watch or clock timer handy to time yourself while writing articles.  A dictionary, and a    Grammar book to consult if needed will help you save time.  Or use computer but it might consume more time.

All this is going to take a lot of the time, but it is well worth it to save your time.

3.  You will need a quiet place to type your articles. Remove all the distracting elements from and around your writing desk.

4.  Create an outline of your article and use a template to write your article, Outlining makes it easy for you.

5.  Set a time for your self.  It should not take more than fifteen minutes to write one article.  The word count keep it 350 to 400 words.  Make use of the key words, from the list you have ready.

Do not stop at all in between.  Do not stop to edit the article.  If you have the urge to stop tell yourself, to finish writing the article first.

6.  Once the timer starts stop writing.  It is time to take a two minute break.  Take a drink of water if you need.  Deep breathe and get ready for the second article

7.  With in an hour and few minutes you have 4 articles ready.  Now take a well deserved break.  Do not make your break too long, A longer break might make you a procrastinator.

Back to the desk and set your alarm time to start again.  After all articles are ready, you have relaxed well, come back to your desk and it is time to copyediting  and proofread your articles.

Do not spend extra time, it should take five minutes to check each article thoroughly.  Make sure read it loud, it makes use of more senses and eliminates all errors much faster.  Your program to improve writing skills by writing 12 articles daily is ready.  It will take twenty days to perfect it.

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Fran Aslam

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51 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Improve Writing Skills
  1. Fran Aslam

    Hi Barbara:

    Nice to see you here. About your comment, first of all every body is different. Second if you really decide that you want to do something this way, you have to choose,what expert say.

    I read this about three months ago, and used it, I felt I was wrong that it will not work, it did work for me and then I wrote this post.

    First I used to write articles and no blog, as I wrote on corporate blogs, and did not get to experiment, now blog gave me the power to test, and in last six months my writing is gotten much better.

    I know how to express myself with better choices and write faster.

    All with these writing methods that I learn from writing Guru’s books and sites. I add my own experience to it.

    You are doing so well, you blog shines on the blogosphere like a twinkling start, I did not read much of it but I have been there. Great job. Keep up the good work.

    Enjoy the Holiday Season and
    be ready to start the New Year with a Bang.
    fran A

  2. Alex@Jocuri

    Hi Fran,

    I do agree that becoming a more skilled writer and improving your typing speed is achieved my practice, I am a little puzzled by something else.

    How do you write about something, if you don’t have ideas about what to write, or don’t know how to formulate your ideas?
    So, I think there should also be some guidlines about how to order your ideas, and make sense of them in such a way that it can be written on paper(well, on a magnetic support at least).
    Alex@Jocuri recently posted..Tanc online

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Alex:

      What you asked seems hard, but it is very easy. Alex it is the state of your mind that makes you do things. If you are 110 % serious about your commitment to your blog, or to your writing skill, then your question has a very easy reply “research” that is ‘surfing”Once you have decided the topics to write about, read about them, three four different point of views. Then form an opinion of your own and write. But for starters choose the topics that you already know. That saves lots of time. I hope you found your solution.

      Thanks for writing a comment and I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season

      fran A

  3. Ryan Renfrew @LifestyleDesign

    What uuuup Fran?

    This looks like a great system.

    Though I have to admit that it seems a little scary. But I guess it’s one of those things that you just have to jump in at the deep end and it’ll come with practise.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Ryan:

      Ryan you are very motivated to move ahead and you find this scary. It is again the state of the mind. If you re read the article, it has only preparation
      detail, and some discipline, which you know to over come , so it is very easy for you. No kidding this is the easiest way to master the skill that is if you want to.

      Thanks for writing a comment. I certainly appreciate it. I have seen your site, I will visit over for more information.

      Ryan A very Happy Holiday Season to you

      fran A

  4. Thiru@webappdirectory

    Hi Fran,

    Its really pleasure to read your article after a long period.

    Basically English is not my mother tongue. Though I am writing article as my level best Fran. But maintaining time constraint to finish article may be easy for people who have English as their mother tongue. For non-English speakers, it is impossible to accomplish to task with in a time period.

    But i totally agree with your point “practice”. Anything is possible if there will be a right practice and of course practice makes a man perfect. I face difficulties when i started writing about what i think in my mind. To increase my English writing skill, i am reading more articles, Hope it will teach me about how to form a sentence in a meaningful way.

    I hope that i will be a good writer, if i keep on practicing like this.

    Humble request fran, you have read my complete comment now. Give some percentage of marks for my English writing skill now with your reply comment. ( you may give mark in percentage and consider the factors like spelling, grammar, and sentence forming…..etc)

    Expecting for your mark to my comment…

    Good day Fran.!
    Thiru@webappdirectory recently posted..Rollyocom – Roll your own search engine

    1. Fran Aslam

      I did not check word by word, but this email according to me is okay, there are no big mistakes in it. But Thiru, you will learn how everybody is so different even about language. What I call right does not have to be right by another person. For example written English is different to a Britisher than to an American.

      And a lot more.
      Thanks for writing the comment.
      Enjoy the Holiday Season, in case I do not talk to you until New Year
      Happy New Year 2011 to you

      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Tristan:

      Thanks for your input, I certainly appreciate it. But think of this way, this about a professional writer online. With right kind of promotion, these people make millions. first they write themselves, then they coach how to write. One six to nine month course pays at least 10,000. So it is a great income and twenty days of hardship is nothing when you are making more than a doctor. Let me know what do you think now.

      Fran A

  5. Adam Paudyal @ endeavor online

    Hey Fran,

    Writing 10-12 articles a day; I wish I had time to do sit down and write like that (O:

    Anyways, these are some awesome tips for web writers who want to use article marketing to expand their online presence. And you are absolutely right; the best way to improve your writing is to write more. What a coincidence – I was talking about the habit of creating contents on a regular basis in my recent post.

    As for the dictionary and the grammar part, I think it would be much faster to check it online..For dictionary and thesaurus, I have bookmarked reference.com and for grammar I just do a simple Google search; really works for me.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year Fran.

    Adam Paudyal @ endeavor online recently posted..A Simple Guide To Cultivating Successful Blogging Habits

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Adam:

      Thanks for reading my post. Actually this topic is not good for a blog. It is meant for those who want to be professional writer.
      But since I write for money, and it was the best read article this week in the directory, I published it here too. Sometime every one can make a mistke in judging people.

      Any ways, it is a busy season. next post will be here soon.

      Thanks for best wishes. I want to wish you the same. A very Merry Christmas and an awesome Happy New Years, Make it a special one for your sweet heart Darlene it is her first. I know you will make it the best best best for her. She is special for me as you are my networking partner.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi James :

      So you are in Southampton, and how about Terry?
      Thank you for visiting my site. As I do readers who are seeking knowledge and want to learn more and more. I myself , like to learn and keep my mind occupied with positive knowledge. It can be used as needed. Also, it can be transferred on paper, or Internet.

      So thank and a sincere “Happy Holidays” and A promising Happy New Year.

      All the best.

      Fran A

  6. Brankica @ Live Your Love

    Wow, I have never thought about writing that much and I don’t think I can do it anyway.
    I do try to write a lot since English is not my native language but that would be a brain explosion if I tried something like that.
    However, the tips are great and I must find time to try a lighter version of this challenge.
    Very original, I gotta RT this :)
    Brankica @ Live Your Love recently posted..Wanna blog better Top 5 blogs to learn from

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Brankica:

      Nice to see at my site with a comment. Thank you. Writing this much is for those professionals who make money with it. If everyone started writing this much, there will be so much writing globally can you imagine!
      I will visit your site soon and I am sure I wil enjoy our blog.
      A very Happy Holiday season to you and a Happy New Year.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam


      Nice to see you back after a long time. Thanks for writing a comment. another thanks for Retweet. I appreciate it very much.
      I will visit your site very soon.

      Enjoy the Holiday season and a Happy Successful New Year , 2011 to you
      fran A

  7. Barry Wells

    Hi Fran, fantastic tips. I need to apply myself more to my article writing and this post will help with that.

    Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

    Catch up after the holidays,

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Barry,

      Nice to see you here and with a comment. Amazing. Barry you must write good, you have written ebooks so you can write as much as you want.
      Any ways it will make you better only.

      Berry a very Merry Christmas to you and a happy Successful year 2011.

      Talk again
      fran A

  8. Samuel

    Awesome post bro. Twelve article per day is hard :) Since you said that it should not be more than 400words, I will give it a try. Because i really want to improve my writing skill. Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun :)

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Samuel:

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you liked it. This skill that I talked about is for those who need to write a lot. But if you want to limit to blogging and and other activities around that, you are doing fine, you write good blog post and you have the skill. If you want to write few ebooks, then you can practice it. But it really works.
      Samuel a very Merry Christmas to You and yours.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Matthew :

      Nice to see you here and then with a comment, makes it double exciting. I have been writing professionally for one year and six months ago when I was reading the same thing it sounded impossible. But then I experienced and I see much amazing difference. Then I decided to write about it so all bloggers may use it if they need it. Still everyone feels it is a lot of work. It is a system that will work, if you have decided to achieve this skill.
      I will make time to see your posts too I like your writing style.
      I will like to extend my wishes of Holiday Season. Make the best of it.
      I also wish you a very successful happy New year that is 2011.
      Fran A

  9. Patricia@lavenderuses

    Hi Fran

    When I saw the title I was curious as to how you could manage it. You told us how and as I love writing and would love to do more serious writing in the new year. While it is quieter over the holidays may give this a go.

    Thanks for a very interesting post with practical applications. Loved it.

    In case I’m not over here again before Christmas, want to take the opportunity to say have a blessed Chrstimas and may 2011 be all you hope for Fran. Been lovely getting to know you through your blog and your reciprocal visits to mine too :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..At Lavenderuses Safety First Means…

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Patricia:

      Wow what a wonderful comment. Not only the comment but your greetings about Christmas and new year really touched my heart and soul, the way you expressed it. I was too deep in my thoughts and just finished writing an article, when I came to check my comments, I was mentally occupied in that article. When I read your comment it made me feel alive and your greetings just nourished my soul. What a beautiful feeling a good comment can give. You should find a job as the best commentator, to get paid very high.

      However, I value your comment and thank you for finding such good words. I certainly appreciate it very much. Nothing in the world can provide a good feeling of being touched to feel it. I wish you may feel the same, on Christmas, touched by the divine energy that may continue through out the year 2011 for you and may provide you with the things that you are making it your goal this coming year.
      And one last thing you do not have to be alone during holiday. If you like company, just make sure get one for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or whatever you like. Just enjoy the way you want. Life is all about you, specially now.

      fran A

  10. Peter J

    My writing skills have improved heaps and now i can write without ever having to look at the keyboard. Something that would not have been possible if i didn’t practice writing so much.


    I had to go through a proxy because your stupid spam system said that i was on a blacklist?

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Peter:

      Thanks for coming to my site and writing a comment. I am so sorry for the frustration that you got because of the system, but I hope you understand, it was not me who did it, and it was not done to you. It was an honest mistake of a secure system that cold not understand the difference a reputable blogger or spammer.

      However I want to wish you Happy New Years and a very successful year.

      Fran A

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Fran,

    Super tips here.

    I stick to your advice when writing articles. First off, make a clear and definite decision to write a high volume of articles in a day. Get past the “Oh no, I can’t do that” blockage. That limiting belief handcuffs more people than any other. Don’t be intimidated by numbers….you can do it!

    Proceed to time yourself. Write without taking breaks through these times. Forget the edit. Stay in the flow. You can go back and edit later but if you stop at all you will be out of the flow, killing your productivity.

    I like to go offline when writing articles of blog posts. No distractions, just me, the laptop and my goals.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Home Based Business Tips – Follow These Steps to Grow it Like a Weed

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Ryan:

      What a surprise. Never expected you here. Come on in and thank you for visiting my site. I knew you will like this post because of your personally developed attitude. Many of blogger are trying to make money onine and they have not grasped the idea that using the world wide web takes a lot of focus which can come in the form of discipline as a personal development follower. Hard work and discipline is the key to achieve goals. Thank you

      Ryan it is not too late to wish you Happy New year . May 2011 one be the best year ever for you.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Alex:

      So you are writing twenty articles tomorrow and that is on baby seats. You already wrote on baby seats. You have to choose a new topic.
      Just kidding. I am glad you like the articles. Everybody did not like. I guess it depends on mental perception or personal development.
      Like your logo also. You site is becoming more exciting, I like the new topic more than key words, so I will have to visit more often.

      Take care

      fran A

  12. Richard

    Practice does really make perfect. I would even suggest that once a week or once a month write something in a genre that’s unfamiliar to you as well. It will help improve your research skills as well as your creative writing skills.
    Richard recently posted..How do I make Money Online

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Richard:

      Thanks for visiting my site. What you have said is exactly right. It will help to improve writing skills. The topic of your recent post is intriguing. I have to come over and read it.

      fran A

  13. Evelyn

    Hi Fran,

    These are very helpful tips. My goal this year is to forge ahead and hone my writing. These tips couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

    I have set a time for writing and I am going to give this a try. It seems very challenging, but I’m up for the challenge.

    Take care,

    Evelyn recently posted..Good Health Makes A Lot of Sense- Food Matters

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Evelyn:

      Wow You are making me dance with joy to see you here. You know I have grown to like you, so it made me happy to visit my site and write a comment. Thank you.

      I also like the fact that you intend to write more. Did you read Steve’s blog post today, he is saying ( may be in his book) that if a person can write online, he/she can get abundance easily. I also read that you are going to try affiliate marketing. Welcome to information technology you started from a blog and now you are eventually doing everything. I am so proud of you.

      Well lets talk again.

      fran A

  14. gmsj@Jocuri Online

    Though I have to admit that it seems a little scary. But I guess it’s one of those things that you just have to jump in at the deep end and it’ll come with practise.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi business owner:

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I like your site it is pretty.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Wan Firduas:

      Thanks for visiting my site. and writing a comment. Reviews, since you are doing reviews and I am just starting doing these I have a question for you do these work? I do write online to make a living.

      fran A

  15. Jocuri online

    Sorry, but I think that 10-12 articles per day is a bit too much. Now, you can say, it depends what you want from yourself, but 5 articles per day are just fine for improving your writting skills. Quality for quantity, I mean…

  16. John McNally@Blogging for Pleasure and Profit

    I accidently have tried this type of article writing Fran. I wrote a load of stuff very fast when I was tired, and ended up with a stream of consciousness on my draft post.

    Everything flowed much better when I wrote fast without being constrained by spelling or grammar. I edited the posts later.

    Your system seems ambitious but I know this can work. I shall give it a go, and let you know how I get on. Thanks for the tip.

    Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally@Blogging for Pleasure and Profit recently posted..How to AVOID the Finger!

    1. Fran Aslam


      Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment.
      John, it really works, I learned this from an Aussie journalist who have 30 years of journalist experience and tried and it worked for me. you experienced the same. wow.

      Fran a

  17. Dictionar Roman Englez

    I think 10 or even 12 articles is a bit too much. You can stick with just 5 and it’s going to be better too. Quality not quantity, write 5 good articles, not 10 poor ones… And use a dictionary, it’s a great idea!
    Dictionar Roman Englez recently posted..Familia

  18. jocuri cu masini

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