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Synergistic Backlinks With Quantity and Quality – Create Best Traffic For Your Site

Website Ranking and links have a strong connections.  As the word itself describes a “link”  (web link) is a connection from one web resource to another.  It is a very simple and primary concept of web content that is the driving force for the success of the world wide web.

A link has two ends called anchors and a direction.  The link starts at the “source “anchor and points to the “destination” anchor which may be  a source in any form, a movie video clip, an image, HTML document, or other web resources.

Link popularity is becoming very obvious and is recommended in the web marketing community all the time.  This practice is particularly helpful for the purpose of drawing organic traffic for your site.  If you do not have traffic to your website, you do not have much, if making money is your goal.

Anchor Text Link

Anchor text is the hyperlinked word on a web page.  These are the words that you click on when you click a backlink.

It does provide useful information to the visitor about the page you are linking to.  At times this anchor text works to optimize your own web page so effectively that your page rank high as one of the top ten pages in Google Search results.

You can use anchor text in:
a.  External links – links from the other sites.
b.  Internal links – links fro your page.
c.  Links on your main page.  A very important spot.

Anchor text is the most important factor in online  search engine optimization as it maximizes the amount of website ranking benefits for the page you are on and the page you are linking to.  Following are the main benefits:

1. Google uses anchor text to judge the relevancy between referring site and destination site.  If anchor text, content of referring site and destination site have similar contents, the link is seen valuable.

2.  Google uses anchor text as a “popularity vote” for the webpage that created the anchor text.  If this site is using many links from other sites on a keyword, it is more likely to rank high.

3.  Google uses anchor text to judge on the relevancy of the content with the anchor text.  So be careful while choosing the keyword for the anchor text, use a specific keyword of the page that directly relates to the subject of the page.

Length of the anchor text link

The maximum length of the anchor text link has to be fifty five characters, a more massive anchor text will be taken as a suspicious that you are simply using excessive keywords.

Internal linking for the anchor text link:

You can make most of it when you are linking anchor text to your own pages. Instead of using the URL of the link you can use the primary keyword of the page.  If you get a couple of high quality links you can use the primary keywords as anchor text for a niche page and your website rankings for that keyword should improve drastically.

When you create anchor text from primary keywords and link to your own pages it becomes easy for the user and as well as for the search engine robots.  It also allows for the easy flow of page rank.

1.  It is far more easier for the search engine robots to control links within your website.  So it is a good idea to provide more of the links from internal web pages to get a better rank in the search engine.

2.  When you link your anchor text keywords to internal pages, the search engine spider take a longer time on your site to control the links and this longer stay will create a higher page rank again

Internal linking is one of the best strategies for anchor text links.  To understand this situation take the example of Wikipdia USA. It is a very high web ranking and gets a lot of traffic.  Their inter linking policy is one reason for such a high traffic.  In fact it is the 7th highest traffic getting website in the world.  They use anchor text keywords and link to its own pages and when a visitor visits for information he/she spends longer time on the site going from one link to the other, getting more and more information, all because of website ranking.

In the next post I will discuss Backlinks and its different forms.

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Fran Aslam

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37 thoughts on “Synergistic Backlinks With Quantity and Quality – Create Best Traffic For Your Site
    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Zarko :
      Thanks for visiting my site and writing an awesome comment to my blog post. You are busy taking two challenges, must be a cool feeling or are you nervous ? Now since you are doing this gratitude challenge, it must help to get you going. Keep up. That is what winners do.

      Fran a

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Jimi:

      Thank you for visiting my site and writing a comment too. I appreciate it very much.

      Fran A

  1. Thiru@webappdirectory

    HI Fran.

    Nice article about back links, it will create some positive impact among new comers to seo industry. Generally i would prefer to get long tail keywords as an anchor text and i would get it from google suggestion itself.

    You mentioned about your affiliate program, its really a great thing, before that you need to get your social network strong. If you really wants to join any other affiliate program then you can take our office program. AJ Affiliate program from AJ Square Inc for software products, and you can get 10% referral commission for a sale. Do consider it

    Good day Fran.
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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Thiru:

      Did you get my email, about doing it together. New comers, more newcomers than me.
      affiliate marketing I have never done, but I have sold my own product, sounds funny, I am going backwards. Well because I do not to maintain a site for the product. You have a great day, I know it is your Monday. It is Sunday night here

      Enjoy life, do not work too hard.


    1. Fran Aslam

      Good morning Mark:

      I exactly can not remember where to find it. As I knew it for a long time. But just put this “maximum length of anchor text” in the search box and the listings that will come up you will hopefully find it in the first three. I had notes from Wikipedia and some articles.

      When I started writing the blog I wanted to write the source of information at the end of the blog. But since non of the bloggers were doing it, I stopped thinking about it and now I do not pay attention to it.

      By the way if your anchor text is full of key words, then it has to be 50 characters. If there is only one or two keywords probably it is okay. But then again once you research and know of something new let me know too. Thanks for a focused attention span and using it.

      Fran A

  2. Terry Conti

    Hi Fran, I always like visiting your blog, there is always something good to learn.

    Thanks for the enlightenment about using key words to create a related destination link. It’s better than saying click here. I also want to say thanks for the eyeopener about internal links.

    I knew about this (sort of) but your explanation is simple to understand.

    I just went and adjusted my anchor text on my blog post all thanks to your post.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted..Why is a Mailing List Sooo Important

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hello Terry:

      “Long time no see” I go to your blog too. I was upgrading my link building and I thought it is a good idea to write about that. I am glad you enjoyed it. But terry do not believe every thing that you see in the blogs you must confirm it before using it. sometimes older information get changed and if blogger used an older source it does not even work.
      Information, here is the latest. and I mentioned this for your own well being, to keep your blog in good shape.

      Have a great day.


  3. Richard

    Hi Fran,
    You got me thinking about the synergism between my posts with internal linking in this post. I do need to adjust my anchor text when linking between posts so that the anchor text more reflects the keywords.
    Richard recently posted..Shakespeare Didn’t Do SEO

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Richard:

      Thanks for the comment. Do not think negative. Why because Google likes Word Press. Have you seen any Word Press blog that is not #1. But be careful for next time. Besides links will work even without a keyword.

      Richard trying you best is the key for success, what you did not know does not hurt. Now you know do what you know.

      Make it a great day for yourself.


  4. Patricia@lavenderuses

    Hi Fran

    Saw you on another site commenting and realised you had another post I hadn’t read! This is one of the best posts I have read on linking. So many bloggers assume we know stuff and throw words around like backlinking, anchor text without explaining to newbies what they are. Brilliant Fran.
    BTW just done my first guest post. Would love to know what you think. Have mentioned it in my comment section of this week’s post. My etsy shop opened last night too so it’s all go, go, go at the moment.

    Patricia Perth Australia
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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey patricia:

      Wow Congrats on a job well done, as soon as I finish writing this comment I will hop to your site and see the store and the post. You made it and now little more is left to establish your niche even more. As you said the affiliate program and books from Amazon. Look carefully into it, though Amazon is very well established but to the sales associates they give only 4% of the sale, which is very less. Where as other organizations do give better. I am just trying to tell you that try and make a good deal with them. Some people are very happy selling Amazon products.

      I have been working on another niche too, am hopeful to have the site ready in a week,
      as is under construction.

      Be proud of your work well done. This will give you the energy to work more.

      Fran A

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  6. Patricia@lavenderuses

    Thanks Fran for your comments. I know Amazon doesn’t pay high commissions but they have the products that go with my site. Hopefully will be able to look at other sources too. Always appreciate your input Fran. If you have time please visit my guest post over at Rick LaPoint’s blog. I think you will enjoy his writings as he is a real wordsmith.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..Lavender Product Review-The Truth- The Whole Truth…

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi lawmacs:

      Thank you visiting my site and placing a comment. I appreciate positive comments.


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    1. Fran Aslam


      If you write an email that works, and your name along with a website work that is good to go, you can link to my site. Please for the comment to work you have to write about my blog post, not yours.

      If you have comment section i will write to your blog and you will get more traffic to your site.

      Thank you

    1. Fran Aslam

      Thanks for writing the smallest comment on the world wide web, you are saving lots of space for others

      fran A

  8. Jason @ SEO Strategies

    Hey Fran,

    Great views about the fundamentals of link building, I do agree on most of the things you have mentioned here. Strategic usage of anchor texts plays a huge part in getting the desired SERP rankings, and it’s also best to make sure that you are getting your links from highly trusted/authority sites that are topically related to yours, to really make the most of your anchor texts’ relevancy scores.


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    1. Fran Aslam

      Thanks for the question. You must check your results, and if the service you are using how are the applying thia technique, if everything is according to the basic rules, and not spammy, and is giving you better traffic, then keep using it as yuou need the traffic and do not want to creat eht back link yourself.

      Have an awesome Sunday.