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Selecting Info Products – Top 10 Tips for Best Results

Affiliate products are a great way to making money fast from network marketing business.   However, most affiliate marketers do face problems while selecting a niche.  It could be various different reason for everyone to gets stuck here.

  • Too many niches to select from
  • Inadequate information for a search system to select a product.
  • Hard to select a product that has your passion and makes good money.
  • Competitive environment in some business niches.
  • Fear of success or failure set in the mental attitude.
  • Confused state of mind to confidently see the unseen.
  • Scared of the hard work ahead.
  • Risk of failure.

Come Over The Difficult Situation With Search Formula

Come over these problems with a successful perspective and move on to follow a system to search all the niches that interests you one by one and  select the ones that gives you the most total revenues.  Base your decision on the scientific results of the search formula.  What you see is facts based on real results and you can not go wrong, if you followed it properly step by step.

What ever you do avoid some of these very common major mistakes while deciding a niche for yourself and use top positive strategies for achieving best results.

1.  Pay attention to your passion and demand of the product

Though it is a debatable point but it is suggested to pick up products that interest you the most for a higher success.  Though common sense tell you to pick a niche that has the most demand.  So pay attention to both aspects, research and plan.

2.  Test The Product

Test your niche product yourself.  99% of the online marketers do not test the product and plunge with full preparation into business which does not produce as much in the long run as their set goals.  This requires an entire process which involves a strategy, planning, working hard and tracking results.

3.  Not doing a proper search

Not having an effective keyword research will stop you from finding out which are the most profitable markets and products for a profitable business.  Besides a variety of keywords tools also take into consideration the search engines, which help you with your affiliate marketing niche.

Some of the most important factors for the most effective keyword research are:

  • creating an effective list and double checking it.
  • using more resources to find specific keywords to add to your list.
  • Finalizing the list by adding all the keywords
  • Selecting the related keywords and do more searches to find the final results

This is a slow and time consuming process but it has to be done. An effective keyword search is extremely important. It involves steps and the first one is to come up with specific keywords by using the method of brainstorming whatever word or phrase you believe a customer might  use when trying to search for you.

Secondly, try to come up with enough words to include the variety of related products and services you are offering in order for you to do this, include your friends in this search too, so you may get more results.

Many entrepreneur think it is god idea not to promote those affiliate products that are lacking demand by ignoring the competition and the market research for testing the product’s efficiency are things you should fear.  Others who like a challenge will promote the product that no one is
Searching for.  So they may promote it and win market monopoly.  They can do this for a long time by exploring this new niche in detail, adding more and more narrower niches and selling it with promotional advertising.

4.  Promoting too few products

It is important to know that you must offer your customer alternatives and buying options.  It is true at first you must focus on only one product that suits you best and promote it as good as you can, but if you are selling only one or two products forever, one might think that you are forcing them into buying those specific, products and feel the urge to leave your site.

However, offer them enough space and they will have the feeling that it is them who are in control of the purchase, and you will get tremendous sales growth.  Moreover, if you have a larger variety of products to sell you will consequently increase larger sales.  But do not over do by promoting a lot of products.

5.  Promoting too many products

New affiliates want to promote as many products as possible, thinking that the more profit they will bring.  But it is not the reality.  The amount of time that you are devoting to each product decreases and so the promotional effort get a set back.  Your potential to sell each product goes down.  Moderation is the secret key.

Also customers, get confused by the buying number of choices they start taking you as a person who will do everything for money and the quality product conception will reduce.

Two of these basic reason will bring a great difference in the total sales.  So promoting too few products is a mistake and so is promoting too many products.  Thus you must find the balance between these two.

6.  Focus on the affiliate product and not the affiliate program

It is vitally important to market the product and the program both.  Don’t even for a second forget about the real product you are selling,  You will  have to face some competition with other well-performing affiliates.  You need to stay competitive but be generous to share your information and make use of the necessary resources such as links and blogs with other affiliates to generate sales not only by yourself, but together with your networking group.  Add something new and better than your competitors on your site so, a buyer who visits few sites to buy a product buys from you as you will have new and better content about the benefits of the product.

7.  Failing to invest in viable means of advertising

Pay attention to the response of your target market and you will definitely be able to tell which specific form of advertising is more appropriate for affiliate marketing.  Think about your target group and their marketing trends you should take a few steps to invest in well made banners emails and links.  Advertisement of yours is informative confer your company/s credibility.  This will eventually lead to increased sales from satisfied customers.

8.  Ignoring the search engine Optimization Process

Make sure your contents are full of benefits and fluff free.  A SEO site gives you better visibility and if you apply the SEO techniques properly, you will have a more valuable affiliate website, with higher chances of attracting customers.

9.  Failing to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry

It is a common knowledge that we live in a world where change is the key Process. This also applies to the field of the internet marketing.  So be aware of the competition, and being updated with the latest news is essential if you want to be successful.

10.  It is unprofessional not to remain in touch of the latest

So be a part of the forums, membership sites or chat rooms.  Experience exchange is a great asset you will get to know situations and their results with this social interaction. Open your mind to consider new trends that can change your cool status to a higher position.

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Fran Aslam

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90 thoughts on “Selecting Info Products – Top 10 Tips for Best Results
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  2. Thiru@webappdirectory

    Hi Fran,

    Happy that I am the 2nd valuable commentator on this post and i want to mentions some points which i learned here.

    1. Do select affiliate niche which you passionate much.

    2. Confirm that the product you promote in your affiliate program is well tested and quality one.

    3. When business started growing, start adding more products on your affiliate campaign.

    4. Invest money on right medium to promote your affiliate program.

    5. Keep updating your knowledge regarding your affiliate product and the affiliate program.

    Hope this points will be right, and will be useful for upcoming commentators and readers too, if you wanna correct anything in it, you can do it as per your wish.

    Good day Fran !
    Thiru@webappdirectory recently posted..Salestrackingportalcom – Online Sales Tracking Software

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Thiru:

      Thank you for coming to my site and writing about my post. Yes these are some of the important strategies to keep in mind.

      All the best

      fran A

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  4. Samuel

    Awesome post Fran,
    I agree with your points man. Yeah, you are right.

    Learn to follow your passion and before releasing any product make sure you’ve tested it and see if it works before dishing it out. if you are able to do this, you will win big. It’s not until you focus on too many products before you can win big. all you need to do is just to plan and work smart. Thanks so much.

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  6. Max

    Hey Fran Aslam, you are really put a natural and right things here, i agree with your ideas. But wanna ask you for instant promotion of the product. Because its time of holiday…

    1. Fran Aslam


      Thanks for visitng my site and writing a comment. I certainly appreicate
      you and feel the same way about business strategies.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      You should have written your name and full detail. Since you are promoting a site for student loan I am approving this comment.
      Next time write properly

      fran A

  7. Amr Boghdady

    Fran, I’ve been reading your blog posts for quite sometime. But this time I felt like I should really leave a reply. Great post, with many helpful tips in there!
    Well done Fran :)
    Amr Boghdady recently posted..German Cases

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Amr:

      So you are in Germany ? or here? Why did you make me wait for so long to know that you read my blog? Well Thank you.

      Your website is about leaning German, do you have other blogs on other topic that I can connect with and comment. ? Let me know.

      Fran A

  8. Amr Boghdady

    I usually read really many blog posts everyday, so I’m too lazy to comment on most of them :D
    I’m from Egypt, I don’t have a blog site yet, I just write and publish on article submission websites, sites like HubPages & EzineArticles :)
    Amr Boghdady recently posted..German Cases

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Amr:

      So, you live in Egypt. It is a good country. You have a computer you know English, also, because English is a global language you can set up a blog and talk to many people. Just a general blog to talk to people, write 200 word article and discuss things. If you are studying , you can talk about education, if you are married you can talk about family life children. There is so much to do on the internet.

      Hey Amr I will like you to comment on my blog every time I have a new post. Just a friendly request. What language they speak in Egypt, Arabic right. So here Assalam u alalkum , Murhaba.

      Take care have a good day.

      fran A

  9. belinda cunningham

    Hi Fran
    This is a great topic to write on. I have tried affiliate marketing but I have not been very successful at it. I will put in place some of the tips you mention here and maybe I will be more successful.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Good Morning Blinda:

      Happy Sunday to you. I am excited to see you here. Thank you. Today during the day I will go to your site and look for the post that has the summary
      of this book. I saw a post with “Dreams” yesterday. Affiliate marketing has not worked with me so far, this time I am thinking to try it again. After all I read Napoleon Hill’s book and it appealed to my perception, I have to find success in everything I want to do with passion desire and persistence. Right
      It is nice to know you.

      All the best

      fran A

  10. Patricia@lavenderuses

    Hi Fran

    Some very useful tips for starting out with affiliate marketing. so far I have not stepped into this area but plan to in the near future.

    Will be looking at products that go with my niche and the sourced products I am already selling. Have an idea of what I want to do, but still researching and learning first.

    Thanks for such an informative post Fran. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..So Little Time- So Much To Do

  11. Adam

    Hi Fran, I think this affiliate marketing is almost alchemy. With so many products out there and so many people who are trying to get rich through affiliate products, it is very hard to stand out of the crowd and star making real money.

    I think the point you mentioned are very solid I agree that if you personally not believe in the product you are promoting (or you did not bother to try it yourself) how dare you ask other to buy it?

    I think the very important part of affiliate marketing is your personal brand, if you are known as an expert in the industry, people will take your suggestions to buy a product more seriously and they will believe that this product is worthy to spend money on.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Adam:

      I am taking too much of your time. For affiliate marketing, you need to start a list, In one niche and work on it extremely hard to create credibility, then select a product from the same niche that this market will buy. Imagine when you are getting ready to sell your product and you know that your list will buy the product right away. You are ready for success mentally and you have prepared for it, now expect some sales. Present your product to the whole world and everyone will buy, but your list will give it a boost. Your list believes in you.
      I hope you did not mind that I took so much of your time.

      To your success.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam


      Thanks for coming to my site and writing a comment. Yes testing is one of those things that we all do not do for products, it does take a lot of effort. But like Murray is doing starting with three products at one time, she can easily drop one if it does not work. that is the best way.
      It is great to adopt the best techniques.

      All the best
      fran A

  12. Teja

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Teja:

      Thanks for coming to my site and writing a proper comment. It is just like your business, that you have. It is not to hard to understand. You are doing all this. Just start from the beginning and you will know step by step.

      fran A

  13. Steve@Lifestyle Design

    Fran you have some really great tips. Particularly the first couple. there is definitely a balance that needs to go on.

    There needs to be passion to write about a topic and be long term successful, but there also needs to be a marketable aspect and research to make sure that it is not not too overwhelming of a niche competition wise.

    A little bit of planning and forethought will save a lot of agony in the long run.
    Steve@Lifestyle Design recently posted..How to Research an Internet Marketing Niche- THE Ultimate Blueprint

    1. Fran Aslam

      Look who is here. Wow nice to see you. Your comment is exactly right.
      Steve, I know most of the theory of Internet Marketing. But I have the fear of failure, and….that does not let me move on. I know psychology and I know personal development and I know goal achieving, still I can not over come it. This is my problem in one sentence. I feel good when I see your success keep it up.

      Make it a great day for yourself.
      fran A

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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi comment writer:

      Thanks for a proper comment on my sight. I will visit your site to have a look and may be write a comment after reading the site.

      Make it a great day for yourself
      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Richard:

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading my post. Your observation is exactly to the point. There are two basic reasons for all of us to do the least research 1. we believe that our intution that this niche is in demand is very real. 2. It is a lot of hassle to test and research and research and test, as time and motivation to start does not let us do that. But we have to over come it specially if we are starting, as failure leaves its scars behind and to avoid it is the best. But then again, this is my feeling about it.

      Make it a great day for yourself.
      fran A

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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Small Business Marketing;

      Thanks for writing a comment and using my article from ezine articles.

      fran a

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey John:

      I am so glad to see you here. You are write all of it takes work, and there is not time to work. So, what do we do. Stop sleeping. But that will take all the creativity away and we can not show our colors.

      So, John when you find a way to be able to do as many things as
      we want to do let me know the secret too.

      So, I noticed your blog has great traffic, My blog was like that too,
      except Alexa want me to buy their stuff, I guess and their graph says, my traffic is going up, but their numbers are saying it is going down?

      Makes me worry.

      Thanks to visit my site and taking the trouble of writing a comment , I will do the same for you, my blogging friend.

      Make it a great day for you

      fran A

      Fran A

  16. Adam Paudyal

    Fran, really awesome tips. I am glad you mentioned about balance.

    Passion and profits both are important for success. So, doing a little research before actually jumping into it really makes it easier to see results. However, the best way to find out what really works is by actually doing it.

    Thanks for the insights Fran. You are awesome!
    Adam Paudyal recently posted..Social Media Marketing- The Basics

    1. Fran Aslam

      Well you have to write a better comment than this next time other wise you know where it goes.

      fran A

  17. Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog

    Hi Fran,

    Solid advices! Affiliate products are a complicated theme but with a good implementation can be a good income.

    Respect to the point 1, I saw 2 schools. Most demanded can be interesting but at the same time more people will be offering the same product.

    Less interest can be little demand but less competition, so I think is like keyword-research the most demanded but not with the market saturated.


    Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog recently posted..Blogging Ideas- Using Stats Inspiration to Enlighten Your Blog Like a Zen Master

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Gera:

      Your strawberries are so attractive. Thanks for the comments I like your site and the topic is so good.

      Keep up the good works

      fran A

  18. Floyd@Coiled cords

    Hello Fran! Thanks for these ten tips. It really stuck on my brain about your tips 1, 3 and 6. When you have a product/s you must be a good marketing planner. Doing such effective research will do and also learning to do SEO process. Trends over the web market are swiftly arising its competency and it is constantly changing in speaking of techniques in promoting your site and products. Keep posting. I’m getting wiser and knowledgeable with it. Cool! :)

    1. Fran Aslam

      Thanks for visiting my site and writing a comment. I am glad you liked my tips for info products.

      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Amr:

      I am glad that you are getting your own blog. Once you publish it ;et me know I want to write you a welcome , comment on your blog

      Talk again
      Fran A

    2. Fran Aslam

      Hi Amr:

      So my guess was right that you speak Arabic. So how many languages you speak or know I should say. Arabic, English, German and I bet one more. I am also the same I know a few languages. The world is becoming to short as all nations are interacting together and becoming one. I will like to see your blog once you launch it. I want to write a welcome short post. if you like.

      Talk again
      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Madav:

      Thanks for coming to my site and reading my blog post. I am glad you like the information provided.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi lawmacs:

      Thanks for visiting. I am glad you like the post. You are right there is no time to enjoy the season, but you are right, it is a season to enjoy. You sound pretty busy yourself.

      Enjoy your Sunday

      fran A

  19. Tristan@Blogging Tips

    Great post, Fran!

    I think that actually testing the product is the single most under-done tip out there! There are a million people out there promoting every product, and most of them HAVEN’T tried it. By using it yourself, you get first-hand experience that you can work into your sales copy.

    Thanks for useful info! Keep up the great work!
    Tristan@Blogging Tips recently posted..7 Major Lessons in Blog Advertising from Technorati’s Top 20 Blogs

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Tristan:

      Thanks for visiting my site and writing a comment. Yes everyone like the one you like, as few people talk about it. So what is your next step you will start with a product of your own of affiliate marketing?

      Take care.
      fran A

  20. Amr Boghdady @ Learn German Online for Free

    Extremely helpful post you’ve written there Fran!
    I’m about to start promoting a product through ClickBank.
    I’ve never done that before, so I’m trying to read and research about it as much as I can; as I want to create a page with all possible info somebody might be wondering before they actually buy the product.
    Amr Boghdady @ Learn German Online for Free recently posted..Das Wort des Tages

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Amr:

      Nice to hear from you again. What product did you choose? Will you try to promote locally via Internet or you will simply do it on the internet globally? If you will simply do it on the Internet and will not be promoting it to your friends and family, then you need to promote your page a lot, so people may come to your page. One or two buy out of hundred clicks to your site. Have you figured out a way to get traffic. Do you have someone who is helping do or you think you will be able to do it by yourself? Let me know? Actually I want to start doing it too. Tell me what do you want to sell there? Do you have
      skype, down loaded on your computer, the we can talk about it. on skype, Also send me your blog address too. Thank you

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Amr

      You know to read and write all three languages. That is powerful.
      You should teach German and Arabic online globally via skype
      Talk again
      Good luck with your product.
      fran A

  21. Steve@Lifestyle Design


    Nice post. It is undoubtedly true that your products are going to be the main force behind your sales. Some people can sell ice to an Eskimo, but it is so much easier to sell an Eskimo a nice steaming mug of Cocoa.

    Because of this product research and only endorsing products that are high quality is essential.
    Steve@Lifestyle Design recently posted..Is THAT The Best You Can Do

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Steve:

      Your comment made me laugh. “Sell an Eskimo a nice steaming mug of Cocoa ” Thanks for your comment, this post is here for more than a week, I am busy and have no motivation to write a blog. I am writing articles though. Steve, I have two sons, both make decent income with good positions, but they work too hard. I want my children to know Internet marketing, at least once they are doing good here they can be out of the rat race to make their own hours.
      Make it a great day for yourself.
      Fran A

  22. Terry Conti

    Hi Fran, your tips are true eye openers for anyone thinking of promoting affiliate products. I’d like to point out the research and keyword tips can also be used if you are creating your own info product.

    I like what you said about having to many products and too few products. I makes good sense to keep your product line in balance. Having the time to devote to promoting is very important and giving potential customers a broad options is also very wise.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted..The end of the year &amp wishing you all success

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Terry:

      How are you doing? How is blog and business? I have to come over and check it. Hope you are enjoying the seasons festivities. It is nice to see you here and thanks for your comment, I agree with your opinion about affiliate.

      fran A

  23. John McNally

    I like lists Fran, so it was a pleasure to read your 10 tips.

    Your post came at the right time for me as I intend to start affiliate marketing in January. I already have keyword and niche research software with Market Samurai, and your checklist is the final piece in the marketing puzzle. 8)

    Thanks for the tips Fran, have a great Christmas.

    John McNally recently posted..TV News and Visual Deception

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  25. igor Griffiths

    Hi Fran

    Great advice, having created a new site dedicated to health and fitness, I can certainly vouch for the idea of going with a niche that you have an interest in, the knowledge can come as part of your journey but creating content must be enjoyable otherwise you will end up hating the process, no matter how much money you are making from the niche.

    Also don’t forget to take stock of what is already working and see if you can build on this, no point trying to become a success in an area that is at odds with the success you have already had.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Writers Websites

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Igor:

      Happy to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. So you started a new sit, very good. I am happy for you. I need to learn some traffic lessons from you. I can not even know where is Alexa going? down or up.

      I wish you a very happy holiday season to you and yours and a most prospering new year full of joy and health.

      Fran A

  26. Dawn@Probiotics

    Great list, Fran. I think people are just so keen to get started sometimes that they rush in without doing adequate research. Thing like keyword research can be tedious but it is essential to your eventual success.

    And trying the things that you are going to promote should be a no-brainer and yet is is clear that many don’t. It is usually fairly easy to spot reviews by someone who has not actually used the product.

    Your tips on selecting info products with help many.
    Dawn@Probiotics recently posted..Nov 10- The Best Probiotic

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Rammesh:

      Thanks for visiting my site and writing a comment. I am glad you liked this post. Thanks for reading. Since I am an information seeker I will read your post soon.

      Wishes for a great Holiday Season
      fran A

  27. Bryan McHeyzer

    Hi Fran,
    It has been a while since I last visited… glad I got here so much excellent information.

    There is a lot said about keyword research and sometimes I wonder if too much importance is placed on it…

    The way I look at it there is very little chance of competing in the search engines with the big guys …therfore the only reason I check keywords is to see if there is a market for it… I will them check to make sure people are buying in that market.

    Have a great Christmas & New Year.


    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Bryan:

      Thanks for visiting my site, as it makes me happy to see you here, because of Holiday season too. Keywords are driving me crazy, as I write a lot and I am in the habit of remembering them and use them in my writing wherever needed. But now competting is changing almost every week, and it is so lower that It bugs me. But it is someting beyond our control. Let’s stop worrying what we can not help and enjoy the festivities. I want to wish you a very awesome Christmas and a very enjoyable New Year.
      fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hello Lee:

      Thanks for visiting my site and really reading the post. I wanted to write a comment on your site but they are closed.

      Lee I want to wish you the best Holiday Season Ever and
      A very Happy New Year

      fran A

  28. mark@keyword analysis tool

    Hi Fran,

    I believe (and it looks like I am not the only one) that #2 (testing the product) is likely to be the single most important part of this, with #6 (promote the product, not the affiliate program) being next. If you test a product and don’t love it, why would you want to sell it to someone else?

    If a product is really that good, and you promote it properly, then you will make money and you won’t feel guilty about it later.

    That is the way that I look at it, anyway. :)

    Have a nice day.
    mark@keyword analysis tool recently posted..Are You A Keyword Analysis Tool

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Mark:

      Nice to see you here. Thanks for reading my post and writing a real comment. I love comments like those, as these kind of comments create real discussion and empowers you with side strategies to your marketing and adds up foresight to understand better.

      Mark I will take a rain check and will talk about it in a day or two. As I am at the end of my project that I am busy with, I want to achieve this goal for sure and it has a deadline.

      Well I am sure you have made lots of goals to achieve for the new year. Enjoy your New Year’s eve.
      fran A

  29. zahid@Personal Power,Wealth,Freadom News and Reviews

    Hi Fran

    Zahid here, I am one of John Thornhills Masterclass students, just out and checking out peoples blogs and building links.

    This is a great piece on selecting info products. I have made a note of all this. it was getting a bit confusing as there is so much choice and you want to have a good product to offer your potential customers, as this reflects on you as a marketer as well.




  30. Flights to Bangkok

    Awesome post Fran,I agree with your points man. Yeah, you are right.Learn to follow your passion and before releasing any product make sure you’ve tested it and see if it works before dishing it out. if you are able to do this, you will win big. It’s not until you focus on too many products

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