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postheadericon Search Engine Optimization Techniques And Keywords Analysis For Online Writing

Search engine optimization Technique also known as SEO is the process of getting visitors to an online article or website, so it can be on the top of search engine listings.  There are many things that control this ranking.

Getting your article optimized in such a way that the search engine may reward you by sending traffic to your articles is not that simple. But bottom line is, once your written article is optimized you get higher natural search engine rankings, which leads to traffic for you.

It is actually the algorithm work combined with a knowledge of what people are entering in the search box looking for information.  The end goal is to create articles in such a way that contains words which people are searching when looking for information. These words are termed as  key words.

Keywords are informative words that are used for online article writing of all kinds.  These key words play an important role in determining the focus of the article or website.  These keywords are important key to get traffic to your written articles.  They are specially important as your article or website or blog is being crawled, indexed and ranked by the search engines based on keywords.

Therefore, it is the keywords that create the foundation of SEO keyword optimization.

Keyword research is how you determine what keywords are being used by your target audience in search engine.  Use a keyword tool to determine
10-15 keywords that are strictly focused on what your writing article is about.  Use free version Google Ad words Keywords tool or word tracker is also a great tool.  Make sure that you choose keywords that get at least 1000 searches per month, and that have less than 5000 competing presentations in the search results.

Now use these key words in your articles web pages or blogs to optimize for.  Add these key words in the title, keyword tag, description tag, a header tag and several time in the content of the article.

You have created the foundation of search engine optimization to your article.  In order to create a good amount of traffic you will have to create  anchor text links into your articles, linking to the web page that is optimized for the respective keyword around which your article is written and submitted to the directories.  Make sure you do read the guidelines of the directory you are submitting to as all directories do not allow any links in the body of the articles.  These directories let you create text anchors in your resource box.

When you write articles with keywords, your optimized articles blogs or web pages anything you write online will appear in the top ten results on most of the top search engine rankings for the SEO keywords.

Besides here is the list of some other factors that create elite SEO Activities to your articles, blogs and sites.

Content writing
Blog creation
Building link wheels
Creation of Web2.0 properties to
Creating business hubs like squidoo
Video production
Managing client blogs on a long term
High PR back links
Do Follow comments
In-text-back links

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