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Personal Blogs and SEO Comments On Blogs

An Intense Look at Blog Comments

Comments on blogs are important part of a blog.  It requires your attention and is not easy to be left unattended as it is a part of the blog as a whole. Comments and blog community add lots of value to the blog as a whole.   Comments are not the primary reason, it is the overall picture, content of the post and blog as a whole along with the comment that attract more and more readers subscribers and, therefore, it is important to:

  • Reward the blog community and comment writers
  • Recognize them individually
  • Prune when needed
  • Engage the readers, visitors and subsribers and comment writers

I believe in the use of these strategies specially rewarding recognizing the efforts of those who really give a push to your blog has powerful value as readers, subcribers and comment writers.  Their major contribution is

  • Spend time on your blog
  • Read the current post
  • Write comments that empowers the blog post
  • They brainstorm for giving you a better comment and traffic
  • It helps or brakes the stie ranking
  • It dominates blog community
  • It supports your niche and your business

In order to find how many online blogs and their owners take comments seriously, I have to search several blogs so what I am going to say here is supported by the activity in the blog networks.  It took me a while but it was worth the effort, as it expended my conception of blog comments.

Here is a short list of some popular blogs that I searched and read, I have written this list randomly and this list is not in any order of preference or priority.

SEO moz.  Rand Fishkin, the authority on SEO blogging

Alltop  the leading blog by Guy Kawasaki

The award winning blog by Chris Brogan, has lots of cool posts on blogs and blogging

Steve Scott Site, Steve here is an all round marketer and a successful entrepreneur

Dragon Blogger is a tech blog by Justin Germino who helps others with tips and monetization

Bizchick blog, Tia Peterson is the chief editor, an avid blogger who created this blog for women

Traffic Generation Cafe, this blog is the creation of Ana Hoffman, an avid traffic and SEO expert

Famous bloggers is an awesome blog for community blog writers.  Hesham Zebida is the technical expert and a great entrepreneur.

New biz blogger, this blog is managed by Michele Welch, she is a social media expert and a coach

We blog better, this great looking blog has outstanding informative posts and brilliant work by Keisha E

lawmacs com is always changing to look better and to provide latest topics and information to the community

Comments and blog community add lots of value to the blog as a whole.  Comments are not the primary reason, it is the overall picture, content of the post and blog as a whole along with the comment that attract more and more readers subscribers and, make a difference as a whole to site rank and popularity of the blog.  Therefore, comments need to be managed by the blogger.  Here are a few tips to keep your comments updated

I believe the use of these strategies specially rewarding and recognizing the efforts of those who really give a push to your blog as a reader and as a commentator. These readers do the following.

Pruning is not needed by the beginner and intermediate bloggers. This is the job of an advanced blogger when they feel they have to get rid of the extra noise around the blog. It is to be done very carefully.

Weather you are writing a comment for personal blogs, or blog for business, comment for a video, or comment for an article, and even sometimes news, just make sure to write a comment that is relevant to the subject and creates optimization. Here are some of the principles to keep in mind.

1. Think before writing comments on blogs

Make sure it relates to the post you are commenting for. What do Weather you are writing a comment for personal blogs, or blog for business, comment for a video, or comment for an article, and even sometimes news, just make sure to write a comment that is relevant to the subject and creates optimization. Here are some of the principles to keep in mind.
you feel about the topic and how do you want address the situation for better results to you and the post writer.

2. Add references to the post

Always add contexts from the post ,in extremely brief way when you are discussing a particular issue. Because there are several readers to your comment and some of them do not even remember exactly every word of it and at times some will not understand your comment if you did not refer to the context. This can be helpful for search engines also.

3. Make sure to use simple words for everyone

Whatever you have to say, use simple popular English words. These kind of words will make your comment most acceptable.

4. Leave an impression for all readers

This will take some extra time but it is worth the effort. Use better word selection, quality expressions to make a meaningful addition to the discussion. It is not necessary that you have to agree about the conversation of the blog, even if you disagree still use maintain standard conversation skills, as it makes or brakes your reputation. Make a reasonable point.

5. Read post attentively to comment with authority

Read the post and reach to a conclusion think and write a cute comment about the focal point of the post. When people skim the post and then write the comment in a hurry, they are not able to get to the main point and therefore, the comment does not get positive attention from an outstanding blog owner.

6. Your comment does not have to be long

No one has the extra time to read long comment and it does not make sense to write long comment. But it makes a positive effect if you write a solid, meaningful, and acceptable comment.

7. No links in the body of the comment

It is completely unacceptable to leave a link for getting traffic in the body of the comment. Leaving a link at the end with your signature or as a do follow link, is the most acceptable way to link. Link in the body shows the blog owner how much you are interested to write a comment for your own interest.

8. Your comment has to be an SEO comments

This is the only way for improving your site ranking. If your comment is not search engine friendly for search engine ranking optimization, it loses its benefits and writing some thing that has no benefits is use less. Spend your time to comment wisely and come up with cool comments.

9. Answer the question

Answer the question that post writer has added to be answered by the reader. This is the best way to start a discussion group in the comments and at times it can work to create better optimization methods in the word press blogs.

That is all friends that I can think of about the comment, I will learn more with your brainstorming in the comments for this post.

I will see you again with more informative posts on the Internet. As a Freelancer that is my objective for my blog. Anything to do with online writing and in the sub category IM you will find here. If you have any topic you want me to write about leave a topic in your comment, sooner or later I will write about it for you.

Thanks for your time and all the comments that I get I appreciate you all.:roll:

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Fran Aslam

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28 thoughts on “Personal Blogs and SEO Comments On Blogs
  1. Evelyn

    Hi Ms. Fran,

    I never knew that comments should be SEO comments. I guess I have been doing this because I do my best to stick to what the author has posted. But in the future I will keep this in mind about SEO comments.

    Helpful tips about commenting!

    Take care,

    Evelyn recently posted..Let’s Get Our Rebounding On

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Evelyn:

      You surprise me, Everything on your blog have to be SEO, and if it is not, it takes SEO juie from other parts. That is why it is said all comments are not equal. Some are people friendly and search engine friendly both.

      Thanks for reading the post.

      Fran A

  2. waterpearls

    Hi Fran,
    It is a very nice and informative post on writing a comment for personal blogs, or blog for business or comment for a video.You have given great information on how to write a comment and I really like the principles who have shared here.
    waterpearls recently posted..KASPERSKY COUPONS

    1. Fran Aslam

      Water Pearls:

      It is nice to see you again and glad you like the post. I try and use my focused thinking about blogs to write and use for myself. If you use some of it and feel the results in your blog, please hsare results so I may share them with all readers.

      make it great for yourself

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Lesley:

      Seo Comments, are just like anything else online. the two basic rules, content writing, relevant to the post and the second enriched with keywords. To read in detail write the keyword “SEO COMMENTS” you will get lots of articles and blogs to read more.

      If you still have anyuestion I will love to let you know more as you are a friend and I will do the same when I am at your site.

      Fran A

  3. Steve@Internet Lifestyle


    Some great tips. Blog commenting is something that people “in the know” mostly know not to overlook. But I always try to point out to people getting started how powerful it can be. When someone is first getting going you cannot beat blog commenting as a way to ramp up traffic.

    It really works.

    Your tips are great ones. Like you said, the comment doesn’t have to be BIG, but it helps to “stand out”.

    Being genuine, on topic and to the point are wonderful ways to get the comment ball really rolling
    Steve@Internet Lifestyle recently posted..THE Affiliate Research Formula [Free PDF]

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Steve:

      Wow you have written a wonderful comment here. I can say this as I have recently studied this topic carefully. Steve, I am the kind of person who see quality in anything I do and get.
      You also strive on that. More than social influence and general credibility, quality is my main focus, that is why I had to know more about comments and I was surprised to see so many blog posts about about “SEO comments” and then Google itself saying the same. So, I am trying to think after reading a post, so I can format and SEO cpmment for the site I am writing for. But you already know it.

      Make it a super profitable day for yourself.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Patricia

      Wow, You have added two comments at one time. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. SEO comment is the simple optimzed idea behind everyting we do on Internet and you know it very well.

      You already have great commenting skills and this post will make it go higher.

      Enjoy your day

      Fran A

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  5. antcurtis

    When I comment , I make sure I read the post that way I know what to comment and I f there’s something vague or even the whole post is vague to me then I could question, if my question is answers after a week or two;;I’ be very grateful because somehow somebody took the time to read my comment and better; somebody even gives me info …
    antcurtis recently posted..Lesbian Dating Sites

    1. Fran Aslam


      Well you are doing a great job about comments. So if you have any question let me know. Thanks for visiting

      Fran A

  6. Sprinkler Buff

    Many people will do well to take from your list of do’s and dont’s with blog commenting. There are a lot of people out there that have a variety of opinions on this subject but you seemed to have hit it on the nose. Very simple, yet powerful. #8 is crucial, commenters seem to be having some trouble understanding that probably because they are commenting for different reasons. I don’t know. I like how you mention Justin Germino’s Dragonblogger. His blogs are awesome and he does a very good job responding to commenters personally. He is one of my favorites. This comment is too long, #6. Readers, do not learn from my example. Listen to Fran, she knows her stuff.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Sprinkler Buff:

      Thanks for a wonderful comment. I did look at your sprinkler store. It is a very useful seasonal product.

      Fran A

  7. Martin@CDL Practice Test

    The reason i know how important comments are to a blog is because of a thing that happened to me a couple years ago.
    I was surfing the net as usual and i found this interesting blog. I wasn’t really making comments at that time, i was just browsing on websites. But this guy impressed me and i felt the need to let him know it. So i got to this cool article and spent 10 minutes writing a kick-ass comment to show my appreciation.
    Guess what, he never approved it. I went back and checked for a week, but there was no change. So i got pissed off and deleted the blog from my bookmarks. Never went back.
    In my opinion, that’s not the way to run a blog.
    Martin@CDL Practice Test recently posted..Classification of CDL Licenses

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Martin:

      Experience makes peple behave better and everyone learns from it. I am glad you know now.

      Thanks for your comment here.

      Fran A

  8. Kayla @ Online Furniture Stores

    Fran – I love that you include tips both for the bloggers and for the people leaving comments on the blogs.. And as a commenter, getting praise in the form of comments back from bloggers (like you, thanks for all the replies!) is definitely an incentive to keep coming back to leave more! :)

    1. Fran Aslam


      It takes a nice person to know a nice person. As a bloggers, I look forward to comments because I do spend my skill on writing a post. This is like a report card to me.
      So, I try to read and understand my comment writers. Besides, you noticed this because, you yourself are a caring person. However, it is encouaging to know that you like my style. Thank you so much. I appreciat it very much. Fran A


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