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Neuropathy Symptoms | Types | Awareness | and Neuropathy Treatment


May 14-18, 2012 is Neuropathy Awareness Week






What is Neuropathy? It is a nerve disease. Human body is connected with the brain to work and interact as required in certain situation and that happens when brain sends message to the parts of the body via nerves. Body’s ability to communicate with the muscles, skin joints and internal anatomy is interrupted with Neuropathy due to nerve disorder.


According to the latest statisticsalmost 30 % of Peripheral Neuropathy is connected with diabetes complication, however, it has several other forms and some of those are:


  • Autonomic Neuropathy
  • Cancer related Neuropathy
  • Compressive Neuropathies
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Drug induced and toxic Neuropathy
  • G I and nutrition related Neuropathies
  • Hereditary Neuropathies
  • Infectious diseases and Neuropathy
  • Neuropathy Pain
  • Chemotherapy induced Neuropathy


And to add to this it is said that there are several other ( almost 30 % more) peripheral neuropathies and causes for those are unknown.


Neuropathy is the leading cause of medical disability in United States. More than 20,000,000 or one in fifteen Americans are affected by neuropathy but because of the hidden nature of this disease it is described in such a way by the sufferer that its diagnosis, early treatment and prevention or slowing of the progression comes late in many cases.


Awareness of Neuropathy is extremely important for this disease, so a person may know when it starts developing. The awareness campaign for this disease started in 1995, with a neuropathy association to provide and understand the perception of this disease, but so far it is not a commonly known disease for proper disease diagnosis and neuropathy treatment. Therefore more effective and stronger campaigns are needed. Federal Government health Calender has dedicated third week of May in the calender for a stronger campaign. This post is my dedication to Neuropathy awareness.


During Neuropathy Awareness week, all efforts are made by the medical professionals, patients, caregivers, educators to take this disease and its awareness campaign to the next level. Since it is a diabetic complication, and cancer related disease, it becomes very important for everyone to know about it.


I will request the readers here to do the same and pass the information to friends and family also, as Awareness is preventing the disease for each other and ourselves. Once better informed we can know if it ever impacts anyone around, the awareness can help the person with early treatment and recovery. So, here are some of the common symptoms of Neuropathy.



Neuropathy Symptoms 


Symptoms differ from person to person and it also depends on the the individual neurological condition of the nerves that started getting this disease.


  • Motor nerve damage symptoms are muscle weakness cramps loss of balance and coordination.


  • Sensory nerve damage causes tingling, extreme sensitivity to touch and numbness in legs and hands.


  • Autonomic nerve damage can cause abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, reduced perspiration, constipation, bladder or sexual dysfunction and creates causes of erectile dysfunction in men.



Peripheral Neuropathy


This is a general term for a series of malfunction that results from damage to the body’s peripheral nervous system. This system sends messages from the brain to the spinal cord, that is the central nervous system for all over the body. There are several reasons for peripheral neuropathy that includes diabetes, kidney failure, inflammations, poor nutrition and certain medications, particularly those used to treat cancer and HIV/Aids.


Public awareness of pripheral neuropathy is very low. Patients are told that there is nothing that can be done and they will have to live with it. Some patients have been told it is in their mind and there is no obvious health problem that can be noticed. Patients often feel they have nowhere to turn for treatment. Even their families do not understand their pain and suffering and that is why public awareness for neuropathy has become extremely important.


A survey conducted in 1999 to know the neuropathy awareness reported that only 7% of the population know about this disease and its treatment where as it is estimated that almost 20 million Americans suffer with this disease.


Early detection and neuropathy treatment can control this disease to a minimum, and that is why it is important for neuropathy patient to be aware of the disease if and when it attacks. Becoming an informed person and being an active partner in managing your personal health care is very important.





Neuropathy Treatment


There are several medicines available for neuropathy, and your medical expert will suggest the one that suits you the best. Besides there are detailed comprehensive treatment programs that consists of several steps.


Diabetic Neuropathy


Diabetic neuropathy treatment depends on the kind of neuropathy a patient has.


 a. The treatment focuses reducing the current symptoms and preventing the condition from getting worse.


 b. The most important step is to maintain regular blood sugar levels to normal (a1c test)

c. Feet and diabetes care are closely connected,as numbness in the feet does not make the patient feel all the problems, but once a little infection sets in it can become problem and if neglected can even cause imputation.


The treatment plans for neuropathy consists of the following


1. Nutrition analysis and diet education

 2. Manual massage techniques

 3. Exercise and rehab techniques

 4. Spinal therapy

 5. Clinically tested rebuilder – electrotherapy

 6. Reducing inflammation



Early detection and neuropathy treatment can control this disease to a minimum, and that is why it is important for neuropathy patient to be aware of the disease if and when it attacks. Becoming an informed person and an active informative seeker in managing your personal physical needs. Let us spread the neuropathy awareness this week.


The sole purpose of this information is health awareness. This information is real and based on facts. It is not a substitute for medical care from your doctor or health care provider. Please check with your doctor on any related matter that concerns you for your health and well being.

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Fran Aslam

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107 thoughts on “Neuropathy Symptoms | Types | Awareness | and Neuropathy Treatment
      1. Gerald P. Booker

        Thank you for adding me and allowing me to read your blog. I am new to online sites so tell me if I am not following proper etiquette. I enjoyed the article about Neuropathy very much because it is causing me a great deal of anguish.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Dixie
      Thanks for writing a comment after reading the post and it is a comparison. This makes your comment distinguished and important for me. I appreciate your thoughts. Enjoy the day.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Thanks for visiting the site and writing a comment. I agree with your opinion and events are certailny great for awareness.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Thank you Fanni for forwarding him this post. You have helped me a bundle for getting my goal. this is the reason I selected to write about diabetes, as many people who are suffering with this do not know what diabetes does to their body and some of us neve get to know and keep suffering.

      I wish we all globally come over this phase of diabetes and take control of our health and a healthier approach to it. Your good deeds will bring more goodness into your life. Just take care and enjoy every day of your life.

  1. Dori@fogbeültetés

    Wow! Actually, your site has been the most informational for me. Unfortunately, my little toddler might have diabetes. The diagnosis isn’t sure yet, but our doctor has been afraid of that. I was so scared, but I’ve read some articles on your blog and I think it isn’t as dangerous as it sounds…
    Dori@fogbeültetés recently posted..Fogbeültetés avagy implantáció

  2. Sabine

    I haven’t known that there are so many types of neoropathy, I guess that the doctor of my husband haven’t thought about these when my hubby has been diagnosed with diabetes. He had a lot of other symptoms, but the doctor said that they are all independent from the diabetes. I think I should search for another doctor to see my darling… thanks for sharing the useful information!
    Sabine recently posted..Der Frühling steht um die Ecke

  3. Laura@SopCast Download

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain cyst, she was under treatment with injections and pills to reduce the cyst, but it didn’t worked. I’ve downloaded a list of
    surgeons and it seems there is one with incredible experience, in Los Angeles (Amar, Arun, MD/PhD). Unfortunately, most of neurosurgeons she went to said they the operation is too risky and they won’t even try to help her. I hope Amar will help her.

  4. Linda

    I am really glad about finding this site, there are a lot of useful information about diabetes. Honestly, I just have been diagnosed with diabetes (not the bad one) and I had no idea what to do, I felt scared about the bad news. Now I know I am not alone and every problem has got a solution! I need to make some changes in my lifestyle but I’m going to do it, I know! Thanks for your inspirational and motivational words and the helpful information in your texts! Keep up this kind of great work!
    Linda recently posted..Die Ostereier sind gefroren

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Linda
      Simply taking good care of yourself by eating low glycemic foods, same time portion controlled, being active and doing some exercise can make a big difference in your blood sugars. Use a gluco meter to check your blood sugars and understand your body. Many doctors do not even talk about these things, though it is a must to know.
      Wish you luck and focus on self health improvements. Make sure your diet is natural that is packed with veges and fruits along with some lawn protein.

  5. igor Griffiths

    Well hello Fran

    Thanks for sharing this, I had never heard of this illness until now and to realize as you point out that it is the number one cause of disability is truly shocking. It is a shameful thing to say but I guess there is no money in this illness otherwise we would probable already have heard all about it.
    I will gladly share this with my social networks.

    igor Griffiths recently posted..There is No Above!

    1. Fran Aslam

      Nice to see you here. Your comment is outstanding and I know it takes time and effort to do so. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you. Enjoy the beautiful day.

  6. jannette danielian

    thanks for the informative article i have been suffering nerve pain for years after a slip and fall, overcoming pain on a daily bases can be exhausting, but no matter what anybody tells you a positive outlook is my defense. (Grateful me)

    1. Fran Aslam

      +Jannette you are very welcome to read the information. I am happy to know that you are well aware of the fat that being positive helps.

  7. Laura

    Neuropathy is a horrible thing. Unfortunately, I know what I’m writing. Last year I spent many time to fight with this but I win!
    Laura recently posted..Catering


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