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Writing an ebook is a popular activity for Internet suvvy people.  Internet is full of people who  make millions of Dollars writing and selling their own ebooks. Here are some of the examples, these writers made huge income being Independent writers and producing great income with ebooks.

  • Bert Ingley – started his graphic design Career and love of sports and video games made him started writing eBooks on how to win at popular sporting video games producing $187, 000.00 in one year.
  • Barbara Jennings – started working with Home Interior Decorating after a coaching course from Cori Rudy.  Few years after coaching Interior designing, via Internet she started writing ebooks.  She wrote several eBooks like Decor Secrets Revealed, Advanced Redesign and Pro Art Consulting and several others, producing a great income.  Now she works 30 t0 60 minutes a day to maintain her business.  In her spare time she still writes ebooks.
  • Stuart – Lichtman – an MIT graduate, wrote and sold ebooks after working several years running 100 companies and training more than 50,00 people.  His first ebook made $61,662.00 in 32 days.

There are several others who are doing the same, proving the importance of ebooks  and the fact, how anyone can make money using Internet marketing tools.  The abundance of online free ebooks  at times artificially creates the low image of ebook in every ones perception.  But still do not forget the fact that there is a huge number of most important ebooks that  can never loose its high value.   Many of those ebooks have a high price value too.  For example The Super Affiliate Hand Book by Rosalind Gardner.

The question is how to create ebook that sells so much and never loose its value?

Find a Market:

Research and Research again, find a great market, something that people need all the time.  These people are desperate to get this information.  They are ready to buy an ebook as soon as published.

Creating eBook:

Write the ebook with all the information in such a way that it provides comprehensive details to your market the way they will like it.

1.  The ebook has to be full of real content.  Facts example story all well related and qualitative information your market was expecting to get.   Every reader understands the difference between factual content and fluff.  Specially when they have to apply the knowledge from the ebook to fulfill the need they are waiting for.

2.  Use readers perspective and be personal:

a.  If you did understand your reader and their requirements before writing the ebook you will be able to write the best seller.

b.  Target the market and its results in anticipation.  There are several ways of doing it for example, you may find the average age of your reader and write the book in their language and their terms so the book creates a positive impression on them right away.

c.  Use their emotions while writing the ebook.  Imagine your target market and the way they feel about the information, provide comfort and ease while providing them this information so they feel really satisfied when they read your ebook.

d.  When you are presenting the solution to their problem make them feel that your solution is the best way to solve their problem.  Do this by examples stories or proof which ever works best depending on the situation.  By concentrating target readers problems or helping them to avoid a pain or even by helping them achieve an important pleasure you will make your ebook a best seller.

3.   Make it easy to understand:

Whatever may be the topic of your ebook make sure it is explained in simple English.  Use your writing skills to make the ebook easy yo understand.  Bring your information down to the most easily understood level.  Every one will be able to use the book and the number of buyers will be more.

4. Editing and Proofreading:

Make sure the book is edited properly and there are no visible grammatical and spelling errors as it is a killer.  Even an average book is supposed to be away from these mistakes and for a best seller it is very important to have the quality everyone can accept.

Regardless of your topic and writing style, you can create a popular best selling ebook.  Just follow the vital and simple tips and make sure your reader is getting most of it.

The next step is to let this market know about the product that you have created by marketing everywhere.  Use promotional marketing, consult PPC expert and write  free advertising ads, everywhere possible, so everyone know about the ebook.  Now you are all set for making a great income with this ebook.

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