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Health Awareness Role in Living

 Healthy Life

Health awareness plays significant role because it gives us head start on how to take care of our self to live a normal life, avoid health risks and choose healthy alternatives.   This includes our physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.  In this article I will be talking about these aspects while paying attention to healthy rituals.

Basically I will classify health awareness role into two major categories.

Direct influence of health information to live a normal life

  1. Indirect influence of health awareness to improve your life as a whole.
  2. Direct influence includes knowing all about health and taking care of all preventive measures to keep away from health risks. We can sum it up into Physical health, mental health, Oral health and spiritual health.


Physical Health

Physical health is very important for a normal day to day life of children adult and seniors. It includes a wide variety of care, that includes immunization periodic screening, yearly medical check ups, health history maintained, with primary care associates or primary care clinic of your choice. Nutrition and fitness is also included here . Being aware of your physical health at every age is important. With little care and concern a person can easily enjoy the benefits of health awareness physically.

  •  Know your normal body weight and make sure it does not go up and down drastically without being noticed.
  •  Trying your best to eat a combination of food for balance nutrition.
  •  Make sure your oral health is optimal, as it is important for healthy teeth for total well being and prevents heart disease.
  •  Taking care of your sleep, relaxation time, pain and aches of the body, headaches, stomach pain, and similar day to day small problems are important to be taken care of.
  •  Take preventive measures not to get the following diseases


1. Diabetes, congestive heart disease, stroke, and blood pressure specially if you are reaching 40 watch for Alzheimer’s disease also.

2. Improve joint stability, this is becoming common problem at every age so watch it for yourself and if you have children.

3. Increase and improve range of movement

4. Flexibility of the body, by practicing a stretching routine

5. Take care of your bone mass by exercise, and have regular bone density test.

6. Adopt a life style that does not let you have Osteoporosis, and fractures in future.

7. Pay attention to signs of breast cancer (females), and Prostate cancer (males)

8. Improve mood and reduce signs of depression and anxiety

9. Make sure to improve your memory using brain exercises and right nutrition

10. Reduce stress.

Take smaller steps to add these healthy rituals, and make it a habit to do something good for your health every day. 


Oral Health

Make sure to go to your dentist twice a year for a check up and general clean up.  Any gum problems or teeth problems, pain in the teeth or similar other small problems are to be checked right away.

Some time teeth problems cause of other major problems in the body. To maintain optimal dental health follow this routine.

  •  Brushing your teeth twice a day, morning and before going to bed
  •  Dental flossing is also very important every day.
  •  Twice a year check up and cleaning the teeth by the dentist

Mental Health

It is important to take care of your mental health issues too, as it is a vital part of your body and maintains your life in full including your body. Memory is one of the most important part to keep going for a normal life, and specially professional life. Mental health professionals are very aware of it and it is becoming a topic of attention for more research and treatments. Make sure to go to the doctor for maintaining this issue, use vitamins and do exercises with games and other activities for mental alertness.

Emotional health and well being is also a part of the mental health. Any injury to the brain for anyone is to be handled by seeking medical and psychological help if needed so it improves early and does not turn into a life time problem.

For Indirect influence read my blog ‘Staying healthy and receiving it’s free rewards”

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60 Responses to “Health Awareness Role For Living A healthy Life”

  • Thanks for posting this informative article.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Trent:

      Thanks for coming to my site. I see that your blog is also relevant and has a very good presentation.

      All the best

      Fran A

  • Fran Aslam:

    Thanks for placing your ad here. You forgot that this is a place for writing a comment on my post.

    Why don’t you use the product that you are selling. I am sure that will make you do better next time.


    Fran A

  • Hi Fran – just read your last three posts – are you concentrating on health as your topic now, rather than writing?

    I did some work on an ebook for a client a while ago which took me into this area, and the great thing is, there is so much to talk about, and people really need reliable information.
    Id you’re stuck for topics I’d suggest looking at vitamins and what they do for us – it would make a great series and doesn’t have to advocate supplements, just eating the right sort of thing.

    Wishing you success
    Lesley from lesley writes recently posted..Common Mistakes in English: Obtuse

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Lesley:

      Nice to see a serious comment from you. Yes before I indludge myself full in health awarness, I want to see what will work best and what I do have passion for, and I decided to try start from my blog. To my surprise my number of reader are already increasing, though comments are not.

      Besides the blog, my trend towards ebooks to sell, health awarenss has been my subject to study for last twenty years, when I got sick and stayed home. At one point my local hospital library told me I am the most book reader here. So I have written some paid projects on health and beauty in the past too. Thanks for you suggestion.
      Did you know more and more people are paying attention to Holistic medicine and food in 2011.

      I appreciate your suggenstions and will keep them in mind.

      You have a super profitable week

      Fran A

  • Mouh:

    I think all of the important things we have are for free. Health, mind, love, etc. We tend to ignore these and care more about the thing we pay money for. You can lose and earn money. If you lose your health, you can never get it back.

    Thanks a lot for this great article. It is a great reminder for me and for other people. :)

    Mouh recently posted..6 Tips to Protect your WordPress Blog

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Azizuon:

      I am familiar with your name, so I hope you do not mind me calling you with your name.
      You are here as you said, I certainly appreciate that.

      You have added an awesome comment here. You are so right about that. Health is really very important.

      All the best

      Fran A

  • Tia:

    Hey Fran – I’ve been focusing on my health a lot more now, concentrating on cooking, eating well, and taking supplements. I’m glad you’ve listed all of the health elements here. We tend to forget about things like oral health. I can speak from experience that having a tooth infection or something like that really affects the rest of your body.

    We should all take greater responsibility in our overall health.


    Tia recently posted..Women, Value, and Getting Paid What You’re Worth

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Tia:

      You know everyone has some special people in their mind, and when one of those comment I feel I am doing something right. So that is the feeling I got when I saw your comment this morning. Thanks for visiting.

      I am glad you are taking care of your health. Those who don’t take care of health at your age do not have good senior years. Which is a shame, Just like personal development in other field, health awareness is very important. You are awesome to treat your life as a whole, always adding more stuff to do better is a cool virute of life. Once your son will learn this seeing you doing it, it is going to be more pleaseursome for you.

      I wish you to have one of the best days today all day.

      Fran A

  • What your declaring is totally correct. I know that everybody should say the exact same thing, but I just feel that you place it in a way that all of us can fully grasp. I also enjoy the pictures you place in right here. They in shape so nicely with what youre attempting to say. Im sure youll reach so a lot of individuals with what youve received to say.

    • Fran Aslam:

      I had a look at your site and I like the graphic design and impression of the blog. Thanks for reading and writing a comment

      Fran A

  • Your article on the topic Health Awareness Role For Living A healthy Life includes the information that i was looking for. Your post includes great tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable. Your post helps me to understand what Health Awareness Role For Living A healthy Life really is, and i will surely recommend it to other people. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • [...] more here: Health awareness Role For Living A Healthy Life Health, MotivasiHealth ← Smart Days Online: Health Tips For Healthy Life Fitness And [...]

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks for the pind, I did visit your site and left a comment. Your magazine is good, are you selling health products.

      I have book marked your site to read, whenever there is some time.

      Have a good day.

      Fran A

  • Alna Famaron:

    That’s true. We tend to neglect and care for our health until it reaches the point that we get weak and get sick. It’s not to much to stay healthy. Like what they say, “Health is Wealth!”
    Alna Famaron recently posted..Between Hiding and Revealing My Emotions

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alna:

      Thanks for the comment, I feel the same as you and that is why I started writing on this topic, so I may spread this positive message to as many as I can.

      All the best

  • I think it’s so important that you included mental health in this list – often times people put so much more emphasis on their physical health that they can overlook their mental state and before you know it a nervous breakdown is right around the corner! Are there any therapeutic exercises you can recommend to better maintain mental stability?

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Daisy:

      Thanks for reading the post. There are planned exercies thart are theraputic for mind and body. Keep reading coming pots and you will find it right here.

      Fran A

  • Adam:

    Hey Fran,

    This articles couldn’t be more timely my friend. Here lately, I am a little worried about my overall health so reading insights like these really help motivate me to take extra care.

    This reminds me again how important health is to live a happy and prosperous life.

    Thank you Fran.
    Adam recently posted..How Do You Overcome Blogging Shyness?

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Adam

      You are so brilliant that you have made me speechless to say anything. If my article can make you feel the need of taking careof your health, it will do the same for most and that is the basic idea behind it. Thank you my blogger friend.

      I appreciate your kind comment.

      Fran A

  • If only more people could put out information similar to this. Very beneficial.

  • Hi Fran, I noticed that you had mentioned exercise and stretching often in your post as part of a healthy lifestyle. I am worried since my work take up most of my time and I am either too weak or too tired for exercise. I am also very concerned about my mental health, glad that you shared some tips on how to maintain it. Can you suggest some games that could help improve memory?
    Scott recently posted..loophole in female psychology

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Scott

      Thanks for a focused reading. However, it is possible that because of being so busy, you are naturally getting the exercise that you need. But for the joints a five minute strecthing, will keep your joints fit for the day to move whenever and however you want.

      Next memory and focus games, like word puzzle, word games, speed games when you win a better score when you are fster, are good to keep you mentally alert. Once you read with focus that keeps you going. If you write memory games, or attention focus games in the search box you will find several of these games, choose the one you like.

      Besides there are game sites to improve all kind of mental traits and actions. Some are membership sites. You are not away from them, just a click away.

      All the best and thanks for writing a comment.

      Fran A

  • We often forget the importance of some basic, general ways to keep ourselves healthy. Unfortunately, as companies have to cut costs, including medical and dental insurance, it becomes more of task and is often put off. It could be more costly, however, if ignored.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Jason

      You have added a very concerned strategy for the patients and medical care providers.
      Economy is doing a new life style and added health problems. Thanks for youe insight.

      All the best.

      Fran A

  • interesting info definitely! thanks for sharing

  • ScaannerMan:

    Fran, I’m 62 in a few days and looking in the face at every factor you list here Including breast cancer, as I have a spot there. It is rare but men get it too. My main battles are with arthritis and depression. After being a basketball player who played 35 years after high school my body is in constant pain (If it weren’t for my knees I would still be playing). I’ve had to alter my diet, exercise different, – no basketball now, replaced that with mountain biking, backpacking, bowling – and be in and out of the shrink’s office. Seems like the only part of me that has held up is the brain. Thanks to diet, exercise (some of that destructive), and a constant stream of information, as I’m still active in technology and writing, doing network support, and installs. There’s a new day. I call it Man-o-Pause.
    Thank you much.

    • Fran Aslam:

      I am really intrigued with you comment. It has made real Impact on my mind. Though I have not studied medicine, but I have been studying human health and specially health for mature people, for a long time almost 20 years, when I stopped working outside from home. I am glad you liked this blog post. Your health is also going down hill, which really takes the fun out of life. I intend to write more on this topic. So, you are welcome to read these posts. See you again.

      All the best

      Fran A

      Fran A

  • Alex:

    Hi Fran,

    Wow, that is some Post. About our Health and way how must be stay fit !! Great. Sometimes we forgot on this points which are very important in our life !

    Until next time
    Alex recently posted..Starting An At Home Internet Business

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alex

      How was your vacation. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment. You are right it is important to take cae of our health but we all are so busy that we ignore it sometimes.

      All the best

      Fran a

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alex

      How was your vacation. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment. You are right it is important to take cae of our health but we all are so busy that we ignore it sometimes.

      All the best

      Fran a

  • Jake:

    Hi Fran, excellent post here about taking care of our minds & bodies, thank you. As a blogger and internet marketer who’s sitting in front of my laptop 12hrs+ a day, this article comes as a timely reminder. I also read somewhere that prolonged sitting ups your risk for heart disease & diabetes, so what I do is to use a timer and I do a bit of exercise every 15 minutes or so.
    Jake recently posted..Severe Acne Treatment with Accutane (Isotretinoin)

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Jake:

      Thanks for finding time to come to my site and writing a comment. As far as needed exercise, goes, make a plan for that and follow it. It can be done for youre ease, as an early morning an hour slow to intense exercise, so your joint and heart both get the benefit. If you have to boost your metabolism, getting up every hour or two is a great idea for four times in a day and go through your ritual for keeping a fit body. Besides healthy food is is an added secuity for strength and and an alert mind. It sounds like you know every thing. Keep up the good work.

      Enjoy your week end.

      Fran A

  • raverture from wedding favors:

    I am always stressed after work and I do not have ample time to relax and sleep. And your article is a great reminder that we need to take care of ourselves so that we will maintain a healthy living.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Raveture:

      Thanks for coming to your site, it is very important that you find time for yourself. Once you are not doing well how will you take care of your business ? No one can work in your business with the heart and mind , the way you can. So to have a thriving business you will have to first make sure you are healthy and strong to work harder. Add exercise, use vitamins and right food as needed by your body. Plan it and do it. I liked your site.

      Fran A

  • Alma Joy:

    Great post!thanks for sharing this to us and i glad that i found this health awareness,now a days we should be careful to our health because it’s very crisis very expensive.and its always good in debt- free.Every day i used to have fresh air by walking at the park and i do exercise too.glad that you shared some tips on how to maintain it. Can you suggest some games that could help improve memory?
    Alma Joy recently posted..Kids on Money Matters

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alma

      Walking is good. Just some intensive exercise to keep you heart healthy is also importnat. However right kind of food is important. Make a plan and follow it. Thanks for coming to my site and reading the post.

      Have a nice summer weekend.

      Fran A

  • Hi, i must say fantastic blog you have, i stumbled across it in Bing. Does you get much traffic?

  • I happened to come across this webpage via Yahoo this morning and I wanted to say that I am certainly enjoying all the important information being shared in this article! Many thanks again!

  • Physical, oral, and mental health are all important to consider in our overall well-being. Thanks for highlighting that, and for giving tips in all three areas!

  • Keeping an eye on one’s health is great advice, Fran, thank you. So many people don’t pay attention to these things, and that’s when we end up unhealthy! Thanks so much.

  • Tim Ryan from naples homes:


    It’s good that you have emphasized the oral health as many people neglect this one. Living a healthy life requires responsibility and that is to be aware of your own health and prevent any risk on illnesses and diseases. This is a great lecture Fran. Good job!
    Tim Ryan@naples homes recently posted..Jim Cramer Optimistic on FL Real Estate

  • Sam from Air Purifiers:

    Mental health is often overlooked. Mental health can affect your physical health, that is why I feel the need to really put it in the forefront.

  • Health is such an interesting thing. It take just a little to keep you healthy but once you ruin your health it will be a painful ride to get it back on track.

  • Diana from

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  • We all know that life is so short, by reading this post it teaches me a lot how to maintain a proper health, for us to become immune from illness and diseases.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Loan

    • Fran Aslam:

      Very smart and positive comment, and because this post is making you feel to be more focused to your health, my mission for health awareness to as many as possible is working. Thanks for connecting . I wish you an extremely healthy 2012. FranA

  • Richard from Kids Dentist:

    Hi there, your post is quite organize and informative. I feel like I’m reading a book because it is well arranged. Thanks for informing us that we should really be aware in our health through life. I do believe that we will come up to a healthy life if we balanced all of them.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Richard

      Thanks for liking my writing style. This is a natural result of writing for lots of years. Besides health awareness is my passion at this point in my life. However, I appreciate your kind words. I like the site you are promoting. Fran A

  • Melvin from weight loss:

    There’s certainly a great deal to find out about this subject. I love all of the points you’ve made.
    Melvin@weight loss recently posted..weight loss

  • This article is really helping and boosting the confidence of others !!

  • Eliza from chernobyl:

    Thanks fог finally talκing аbοut > Health aωarеnеss Role Fοr Living A Healthу Life < Loved it!
    Eliza@chernobyl recently posted..chernobyl

  • Meredith from hair loss guide:

    It is truly a great and useful piece of information.

    I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.
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