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Everyone by now knows that most of the people diagnosed with diabetes 2 are obese. This ratio is as high 90%. Therefore, obesity prevention is diabetes prevention. Common sense tells that there is a connection between diabetes and obesity. Being over weight adds stress on the physical performance of the body, as blood pressure increases, cardiac risks multiplies and so is the blood sugar range. Insulin resistance starts causing high blood sugar levels and diabetes 2 sets in.


It is a globally accepted phenomenon. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) that consists of 200 national diabetes association in over 160 countries of the world with a mission to promote diabetes prevention and cure globally also verifies the same


One of the mission for IDF is to increase health awareness by promoting and educating authentic and latest information for people with diabetes and for the medical experts. The organization has clearly mentioned,


Type 2 diabetes, however, can be prevented in many cases by maintaing a healthy weight and being physically active. Studies in China Finland and United States have confirmed this”.



Harvard’s affiliated Joslin Diabetes Center’s assistant professor Hamdy and many other from the same, have come up with the same results about obesity and diabetes. Last week, March 2012, they published an article that even a little increase in weight increases the diabetes risk factors to several notches higher as 85 % of the diabetics are overweight.


Diabetes is the seventh leading cause in US. It is the number one cause for kidney failure blindness, limb amputations, heart disease and stroke. Today diabetes is number one epidemic and public health issue for human health.



Currently, when diabetes is an epidemic even a little more weight than average can bring a person to pre diabetic condition and then diabetes if not checked. United States is an overfed and undernourished nation. Being over weight is one of the primary, type 2 diabetes risk factors. Diabetes statistics estimates that 80-90 % of diabetics are obese.



Slim normal weight people are actually hard to find.


Since it is a greater risk for the nation, only medical expert can not work harder and smarter to take away this epidemic from us. We have to work together as a nation. Mothers have to be extra caution while raising their kids to avoid obesity and take care of the health of the child for him/her to be normal weight according to height and age. High nutrition and optimal health is the basic goal here. Provide a lifestyle of an active person for life and paying attention to their own health must become the nature of these growing children so they can save themselves with this giant epidemic.


Schools will have to put an effort to make children health conscious from the very childhood. Make kids aware of diabetes and how to avoid it must be one of the goals presented by schools.


Together we can control this disease. We have to save our children and their children.


Are you ready for this challenge? I hope everyone says “yes” to this goal and prepares to be ready in the coming years.


Diabetes 2 is a reversible disease



Kill obesity and diabetes viscous cycle before it takes over completely. As Diabetes 2 is a reversible disease. Heal diabetes 2 with the power of food. Proper food intake empowers to reverse diabetes 2.


 1. Dr. Mark Hyman,founder and medical director of the Ultrawellness Center Lenox, Massachusetts, has a seven step well researched proven plan, intense care program with supplements and food that can reverse diabetes. He believes that diabetes can be treated by using food as medicine and since this processes takes care of obesity and diabetes it can be termed as “diebesity” instead of diabetes. As a dr. for diabetes Mark Hyman is the writer of diabetes best seller for 2012.


 2. Similarly, researchers in UK have come up with the same results that diabetic diet meal plan can reverse diabetes even with those patient who are diabetics for a long time and insulin making cells are damaged in the pancreas, can also improve and eventually reverse diabetes with healthy diet meal plans.


 3. A friend and neighbor of mine started taking care of her diabetes 2 with healthy diet meal plans. She paid extra attention to portion control and added high fiber diet food to the plan. She noticed a big improvement and had to stop her insulin that she was taking three times a day. She takes insulin only once in twenty four hours, have lost twenty pounds of weight. Her statins medicine has been reduced to very low strength, because of improvement in the cholesterol. All this happened with in three months. Her exercise habits are the same as before. Now with these amazing changes she is so excited that she wants to continue doing this and start exercising more to loose more weight.


I wish everyone can reverse their diabetes just the same by


 a. maintaining healthy body mass index

 b. maintaining diabetes and weight

 c. health meal planning with low glycemic index


To your best health




The sole purpose of this information is health awareness. This information is real and based on facts. It is not a substitute for medical care from your doctor or health care provider. Please check with your doctor on any related matter that concerns you for your health and well being.

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65 Responses to “Diabetes Prevention is Obesity Prevention”

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  • In your last blog Fran, I want to thank you for giving me the answer about my question if the diabetes is hereditary. so it means that women who are pregnant must be aware of what they it.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..נטורופתיה

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  • My wife and I found out that our body’s new cells benefit from our attitude, nutrition and environment much more than we thought.

    There is a revolutionary discovery that is leading scientists and doctors into a new era of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM.) The fact is you control your health more than anyone previously believed. These discoveries work with your body’s own natural design, making amazing changes possible. There exists undeniable evidence-based science that proves your body can heal itself.
    Danny Arbuckle recently posted..Kedahan: Minutes for Diabetes

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Danny

      Say hello to your wife also, as she is a part of the infomration. I liked what you have to say in the comment. I am also a leanrer and educator of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity for last twenty years. Actually, it is time for me to share with as many as possible, as this has become my mission now. It seems like you both are doing the same. I like your approach. Thanks for writing a comment . Enjoy your Sunday. Fran A

  • Ma.Dharess:

    Hi Fran…It is important to prevent obesity and even other diseases too…Thank you for your concern…
    Ma.Dharess recently posted..Who Sells 3d Tv Samsung 42 Inch

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks for your input abouth the post and writing a comment. I like the shopping you have to offer. Fran A

  • Thanks for sharing your useful prevention tips, they are very useful for me, although my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes, I think I1m going to follow your advices to prevent it for me.
    Julie recently dentist

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hey Julie:

      It is a pleasure to read your comment. I know dedicated wives live two lives one for their husbands love and everything else that comes with it . He is so luck to have you . However, knowing your non selfish nature I will like to tell you to add more of yourself in caring also. As I want you to be able to enjoy your golden years as a pleasureful experience with him healthy and happy. Fran A

  • Danyelle Franciosa:

    I agree with you Fran that most of the Diabetes patients are obese and I had a friend whose he’s mother also suffer this kind of disease. But anyway, I shared him what you said here and it helps a lot.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Bifold Doors

  • Find Out Why Obesity Will Ruin Your Health

    Obesity is a growing problem that affects millions of people all over the world. It’s not just a problem on its own because it can, and will, lead to other health conditions. These health conditions can be deadly if the obesity isn’t dealt with in time. The death rate in people who are overweight is far higher then those people who watch their weight and lead a healthy lifestyle

    Any doctor will tell you to lose weight because of the health problems associated with obesity. Just by being 20% overweight can result in it affecting your health.

    The health conditions that can ruin a person’s health are talked about below. These are serious problems, and some of them can’t be reversed even if you lose weight after they have affected you.

    The biggest killer in overweight people is heart disease. Being obese puts so much pressure on the heart because it has to work harder in a body that is carrying more weight than it should be.

    Strokes are another common problem for people that need to lose weight. Strokes can temporarily or permanently affect the use of limbs depending on the severity of the stroke.

    Diabetes is a health condition that can bought on by obesity. Diabetes isn’t just a condition that requires you to inject yourself with insulin every day, you can lose limbs as well.

    Gout can effect overweight people more than healthy people.

    High blood pressure is more common in obese people, and this can lead to heart disease and strokes.

    Arthritis will be a problem for overweight people because of the pressure on the bone joints.

    Overweight people will suffer from breathing problems that can lead to sleep apnea. This is where a person will stop breathing for short periods in their sleep, and in worst cases, will stop breathing for good.

    Gallbladder disease, gall stones, and kidney stones. These are painful conditions that can lead to other problems.

    Blood clots will form in the legs more commonly in people who are overweight. These clots can move from the legs to lungs in some cases which results in a pulmonary embolism.

    Obesity is a health problem that no one needs to be suffering from. The more overweight you are the harder it becomes to lose weight, but it’s not impossible. All you need is more will power, and a stronger desire to get healthy.

    Getting help is a great way to start so you’re not doing it alone. You can get inspiration and encouragement from people around you if others are involved in helping you succeed.
    Danny Arbuckle recently posted..Welcome to Our Web Site

    • Fran Aslam:


      What an informative comment, you have made it another post. Thanks my friend for taking the time. I have surfed your site recently and liked it a lot. Fran A

  • Hi Aslam,
    Diabetes is very common disease these days.Thanks for writing post on this topic because I think now there is a diabetic patient in every 4th home and your tips are really helpful for them
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Clary Business Machines Coupon & Review

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi pete
      Thanks for reading the post and it is pleasure to know that you are well aware of health epidemic. Fran A

  • Hi Aslam,
    My mother is also a diabetic 2 patient and I found your tips helpful for her.
    waterpearls recently posted..Menstruation and Exercise: Is it okay?

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Waterpearls

      I am glad that you found helpful tips for your mother. If you have any question about diabetes 2 do’nt forget to ask. Fran A

  • Bianca:

    Hi Aslam..

    Diabetes is a common disease..
    Thanks for the informative post..
    Bianca recently posted..second hand cars stroud

  • Joan from Printing Poster:

    Reversible disease? Hmmmm. Thanks for posting these information. I learned a lot.

  • Bianca:

    My family had a Diabetic history..
    I’ve learned a lot..
    Of how to prevent..

    Thanks for the informative post..
    Bianca recently posted..wheelchair access vehicles

  • Very nice article on Diabetes, it is very common disease nowadays. Thanks for share such a nice article.
    odd news recently posted..Glow-in-the-dark lamps

  • Arna from Actos Lawsuits:

    Yes, I really agree with this. These two conditions really exist due to some relating factors that develop during the period that symptoms are found. Choosing proper diet and regular exercise could be the best remedy to avoid this condition.
    Arna@Actos Lawsuits recently posted..Diabetic breakfast menu

  • Belle from mortgage calculator:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!

  • Rossalie:

    Hi Fran…I can’t wait to read more of your post about this… Thank you for your concern with people about health…
    Rossalie recently posted..used car sales gloucester

  • Wow! geat post, its really informative for me.

  • Vickie:

    Just wanted to let you know I really liked this post and I’ll be pinning this on my pinterest!
    Vickie recently posted..Fire Smoke Alarms

    • Fran Aslam:

      Vickie it is nice to know that you liked this post and this motivates me to write better and more. Thanks for making me achieve my mission and goal. I appreciate it very much. Have an awesome week. Fran A

  • Cley:

    this so great article and i love it.
    you let us know their’s a prevention for this kind of disease.
    thanks you for sharing this.
    great job.
    Cley recently posted..Unlock iPhone 4

    • Fran Aslam:

      Yes diabetes 2 is a reversible disease and diabetes 1 can be maintained to a healthy level by preventive measures and treatment. Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment.

  • Hi Aslam,
    I wrote in my previous post that my mother is a diabetic patient and I would like to know that she is taking medicines but also eat sweet things, is it alright? her sugar level is normal after taking medications.
    waterpearls recently posted..Webhosting Plans

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Waterpearls

      Normal blood sugar range is 80-120. Two hours after meal it should be 160 or less. Going to bed it should be 100-140. For normal blood sugars it should be 80-100 in the morning, that is fasting blood sugar just after waking up, and before eating anything. But the easiest way to know about normal blood sugar is the A1C blood test that can be done at the doctors office in the lab.
      There is not any food forbidden while suffering from diabetes. It is the portion control and managing the blood sugar spikes to high number. Actually sometimes everyone becomes complusive or emotional eater about a special food that they like and that is where problem occurs So, if your mom takes sugar and she can still manage her blood sugars to normal that is the best. Thanks for the discussion.

  • ShirleyFai:

    Hi Fran…I really can’t wait for your next post about awareness of some diseases just like this….I hope you can update your site!
    ShirleyFai recently posted..Natural Remedies For Gout

    • Fran Aslam:

      Yes Shirley, I do have few topics under consideration, but diabetes has become that talk of the world and that is how it is keeping me connected. But I was seriously thinking to continue this topic and start another blog with another very demanding topic for my readers. However, I liked your site. I have studied this topic and almost most of diabetics in advance stages has it. Your blod design is also attractive.I have book mared it and want to read it again. Thanks for writing a comment.

  • I can’t wait to read more of your post about this,Choosing proper diet and regular exercise could be the best remedy to avoid this condition.
    Pamilia C. Hayes recently posted..Buy vimax volume

    • Fran Aslam:

      Pamila, you are right on the dot. You have discovered a key never to get this disease. Just use it to your advantage. To the best health for life.

  • Lacey12:

    Health is wealth, I don’t know what should I eat to avoid all these thing… I want an healthier way of living, thanks for this health information and awareness…
    Lacey12 recently posted..Get Money that you need Now with Fast Cash Loans

  • After a long time enjoy so much reading any article. I will definitely going to share it with my friends on facebook and twitter. This article shows that you have a strong command on the topic.

  • Diabetes is very alarming now a days, good thing you have promoted this kind of health awareness to help us to understand how dangerous it is and dealing this case effectively…
    Elizabeth recently posted..Prendre soin d’une peau noire.

  • DivinneGrace:

    Hi Fran…We can’t wait for your new posts and we are all waiting for you…Thanks for the help…
    DivinneGrace recently posted..second hand cars stroud

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Divinne grace Thanks for communicating and showing your appreciation for the information provided in the post. I am publishing another post today just for you. Have an enjoyable week end. Fran A

  • Grace Sevilly from Plantation dentistry:

    Since obesity has been identified as one of the contributing factors of diabetes, it would really help if we watch our weight regularly.

    • Fran Aslam:

      I agree with you 100 %. this is the basic reason I want to create as much as awreness as possible, so obesiety preention becomes the focus of majority. Thanks for the sensible comment. Fran A

  • I used to write news items about natural health and I discovered that there are a lot of ways to reveres type 2 diabetes. As you say in your post, the most effectfive method is a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods.
    CherylB recently posted..Get your ex back

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi CherylB

      It is nice to know that you have read information to reverse diabetes. This is going to be a great asset for friends and family in case you ever needed. Health awareness keeps you away from diseases as you will know what to do in real life. If we all can do it and use the information if ever needed, diabetes onset to so many people will reduce in large numbers globally. Have a good week. Fran A

  • Cheska:

    Diabetes is very alarming at this point, we need to aware in every health update in order that we can managed our health effectively…
    Cheska recently posted..Épilation à lumière pulsée

  • I think yes, because if you are preventing diabetes, you are preventing obesity. Because you are only choosing foods that is healthy to you and sugar free. Thanks a lot for sharing, I really interested in this article. I learned a lot.

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  • George from why do I sweat so much:

    Great to read about diabetes, there should be more sites like this one. I think exercising is indeed the best thing you can do to prevent not only diabetes, but many other diseases that are out there. Unfortunately people are not aware of it or they are too lazy to take care of their own health when the time is right.
    George@why do I sweat so much recently posted..I Sweat Too Much: What Should I Do?

  • Alex from Albire dinti:

    I thought diabetes is a consequence of obesity. Which makes me think: morbidly obese people are definitely diabetics, right?

  • Heather from cholesterol test:

    Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol & obesity are all linked. There is definately a genetic component but no doubt whatsoever that lifestyle (especially anything leading revolving around lack of activity & obesity) plays a prominent part in the development of both Diabetes & high Cholesterol . It is true that type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet and healthier living but I’d say that would depend on the severity of the condition in each individual case. Best to get a doctors option on what to do if you thing you have diabetes.

  • Laura from SopCast Download:

    You know, I didn’t realize until you said it: all the people with diabetes 2 are obese. I never made the connection. This is a good idea for a diabetes awareness campaign. Download pictures with those who suffer of diabetes and put them in parallel: before and after; fit an healthy, obese and sick

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