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Diabetes Prevention and Lifestyle Change for Normal Glucose Range





Diabetes Prevention and Lifestyle Change for Normal Glucose Range



Once an individual goes through blood glucose tests for a diabetes check, the fasting blood sugar levels should come between 70-99/mg/dl. If it is in this range you have normal glucose results. But if the range goes higher than 126 mg/dl, it indicates that this individual is suffering from Diabetes. In case the FBS is between 100 – 125 mg/dl it indicates pre diabetic condition.


Now if the blood sugar is high and patient has been ruled a diabetic by the doctor it is a nerve wrecking day for the patient and doctor has to pay more attention, as the patient needs to know what is diabetes, about, types of diabetes and what is going to be the sample care plan. Video’s, doctors special nurse or a scheduled appointment at the hospital for knowing diabetes care and diabetes prevention is the next step. It can be followed as organized by the doctor’s office in few visits or with written literature.


Treatment and Medicines for Diabetes


Care for diabetes from the doctor include some medications prescribed for. There are several kinds of medicines for diabetes. Doctor is going to select a medicine according to the nature of the patient depending on the previous medical charts (history). Medicines are swallowed in the form of tablets by mouth. Insulins are injected one or more times a day depending on the selection of insulin and the kind of maintenance you need for your diabetes. Self injecting is the practice involved here. Since it is very important for the patient to get a medication prescribed that works best, the patient needs to know the choices and which one will work best. Following are some kinds of categories to select from medicines available in many qualities from different pharmaceutical companies ready to be described by your doctor.


 1. Drugs that assist the pancreas to make more insulin

 2. Medicines that open the cells for absorption of the starches so it does not float in the blood streams

 3. Some medicines are made to help the pancreas release more insulin after eating.

 4. Drugs that help the cells become more sensitive to insulin.

 5. Some other medicines provide less sugars released by the liver.

 6. Some provide insulin that is needed by the body for normal range of blood sugar.


Besides drugs insulin therapy is also used for achieving normal range blood glucose

The type of insulin and medicine for an individual is selected for the kind of results that are important to achieve. Sometime this customized treatment has a combination of insulin and medicine. As a patient if you know all the information and may have an input for your treatment, it is the best, as no one knows about your body as you yourself do. Doctors know the medicines and how to treat. You can only do this once you know the detail of your physical condition and how you feel about it. Once you got the disease, take good care of yourself and do not let your diabetes rule you, but you rule your diabetes by taking responsibility of blood sugar control, its medicines and its nutrition needs keeping in mind that your most important goal is to keep your blood sugars in control


Insulin Pump


For those who like an expensive and easier solution insulin pump is now available. It has a tiny tube inserted under the skin. The pump provides a basic dose of insulin through out the day as needed. The patient can increase or decrease the dose as needed depending on the diet and activity of each day.


Personal Care and New Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes Prevention


All most all diseases do need personal care and lifestyle change for improvement in getting better. It reduces the stress and impact of disease. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes tops in the list of personal care and lifestyle change. In some cases a perfectly written plan that is followed 100 % by the patient can bring blood glucose chart to almost normal chart status. The patient will feel normal and diabetes symptoms will disappear. All this means that the plan followed is perfect for diabetes prevention and it has to be followed everyday just the same way with the same focus. Stopping this plan will again raise your blood Glucose and all the diabetes problems will start showing up again. So be careful and follow the lifestyle change every day, before doing anything else..


Actually from a healthy person to pre-diabetic condition and then getting the disease all these stages come into anyone’s life because of ignoring your physical needs. You did not pay attention to your sleepless nights, healthy BMI changed, sudden weight gain in most cases and did not pay attention to the annual physical. And active lifestyle was completely ignored.


If you are ready to pay attention to your healthy BMI and loose pounds fast follow good diet plan and exercise daily there is a chance you might never get Diabetes, except those who have it because of genetics and natural reasons that do not have human control.




Here is a list of lifestyle changes that you need to make as a diabetic:


 1. Get rid of excessive weight with proper eating and adding as much activity as possible is the key to maintain and prevent diabetes. So start doing it right away.


2. Healthy BMI is important and if it needs reducing for diabetes prevention make it a priority. Spot exercise and proper food will help you to achieve this goal. Consult a dietitian and a personal trainer.


 3. Follow an exercise routine for women/men and exercise daily, with a good all round plan. This will give you many fold benefits. It will help to reduce extra pounds, raise metabolism and lower blood glucose levels,


 4. Follow a low fat diet, eat foods low in carbohydrates and low cholesterol foods, to maintain healthy blood sugar levels chart. You can find diabetic recipes online or a book from the library and select what you like.


 5. A fiber rich diet will add more preventive measures to your diabetes, so make sure to eat lots of veges, fruits and beans.


 6. Eat small meals, 4-6 times a day, but be careful portion control is the key, remember the purpose for this is not to have blood sugar spikes in your day. It is best to plan every day in writing so you are able to follow it easily even when you are busy.


 7. Glucose level Chart to keep blood glucose log by checking your glucose level few times a day. Many doctors suggest to check two hours after eating every time. I personally feel it should be checked before meal, so you may determine the amount of food you will eat. Follow your own decision based on your doctors recommendations. Your doctor is your best guide, beside yourself.


 8. Poor wounds healing. Diabetes can damage nerves, which means you may not feel an injury to the foot until it turns noticeable or infected and then it is hard to be treated. Imputations due to diabetes are very common when patients are not able to control the blood sugars. So be careful and specially check for any feet for soars for immediate care all the time.


 9. Atherosclerosis. Make sure not to get heart disease because blood sugar and its fluctuations can cause accelerated hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) which can lead to problems with artery blockage and clot that can lead to heart disease heart attack and circulation problems in the arms and legs. So keep an eye, control your cholesterol, and have a stress test every year.



10. Support group for Diabetes. Become a member to a local support group and know the latest about diabetes so you may have the best care of your diabetes. Share your knowledge with others and discuss your problems with them.


Use the strategies that are discussed in the group. Self care, following the doctor and medications is the easiest way to sum up this discussion, as it is the best treatment for the prevention of Diabetes. However you know your body and what makes you feel better. You can do the best for yourself. With your focus you can live like any other healthy person, extra care along with medication is the key for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Take control.


Take good care of yourself


Until next time.

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Fran Aslam

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25 thoughts on “Diabetes Prevention and Lifestyle Change for Normal Glucose Range
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    1. Fran Aslam

      Honey is a natural sugar and natural sugars are not as bad as white processed sugar. However, quantity matters.

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Ashley:

      You are right on the dot, type 1 and type 2 diabetes tops in the list of personal care and lifestyle change. Thanks for an intelligent comment.

      Fran A

  3. Audrey@Baby Swings

    My father’s side is prone of being a diabetic. Just the other year, my grandmother’s life was in danger because of the complications due to her diabetes. Luckily, the doctors was able to do something so they could continue the operation. After the operation, she needs to have that injectable insulin in order to maintain her sugar level. On the other hand, my dad was able to cope up with his sugar problem because he became more active when he started his own business rather than just him sitting at his office when he’s still an officer in a company. Exercise plus proper diet are indeed what a diabetic person needs.
    Audrey@Baby Swings recently posted..Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing Review

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Audry:

      Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment. Not only your fathers side of the family there are several families like that. I will request you to be careful and after you are 30-35 year old, keep a strong focus not to get it. As taking care of diet and exercise is the best way to avoid it. I wish you the best of health as you know that it is very important to be healthy for a happy and purposeful life.

      Fran A

        1. Fran Aslam

          Hi Audrey:

          I can see from your picture that you are a very young girl and you made me feel proud, you are a copy of my goals. At this moment, this ismission to tell the young generation to take care of their health for better and enjoyable years all your life and you are doing it. Keep in rouch.
          Enjoy your week end

    1. Fran Aslam

      Jasper very nice of you to understand importance of it and reading it. That is what we all need globally to do to have healty people, who enjoy life and live large.
      Enjoy your week

      Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Marie:

      Welcome to my sit and thank you for reading the post and writing a comment. I gree with you at this point sharing tips about diabetes prevention is as important as “Anger Management” training for hildren. Both of these will make children strong as an adult and they will be able to do what is best in both situations.

      Make it great for yourself. Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Rosalind, Welcome to my health awareness blog. and it is a pleasure to know that you have read all the posts. Thanks for your time and focus. I certainly appreciate your support and keep up. I will keep trying to present the best as needed by my readers. Have a great day. Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Tim

      Nice to see you here again. I hope and wish your business is doing well, it is the busiest time I believe, lots of luck and effort will keep moving it in the right direction. As far as oral med goes
      there are two kinds of oral meds. One for dental care and others are medicines taken by mouth for getting well. I have a feeling you are talking about the second kind. Yes if the person who is taking the tablets for diabete, it has to be new or under control diabetes 2. Because those people who are not able to control their diabetes do need stronger treatment to normal their glucose in the blood much strongly and faster. This job is done by insluins. Many medicines have after effectc, insulin has least after effects and works fast. There are two kinds of insluins, one that is taken after every meal, and one that lasts 24 hours. Both together create a better influence. But also keep in mind that 80% of the diabetes is solved by proper nutrition and right amount of food eaten, insluin and daily exercise excels it and a diabetic can function normally. This is what I know an expert can expain it better, as research makes thing change
      faster to what ever is approved by the medical board. So Doctor’s opinion, and espacially endocronologists opinion count as 100% reliable. Fran A

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Chad

      The 4 year old that has the diabetes 2, must have it later on. Because diabetes 2, is ruled when it starts during the lifetime of a person, and the reasons are varied. It could be the genetics, obesiety, or other reltated symptoms. Diabetes, high blood sugars are very dangerous and as a child as many times he/she eats a big meal a shot is needed. There are shots that can last 24 hours and others with every meal. But for school going children there are some devices for automatic insluin to the body, some of those are called “artificial pancreas”. These devices makes the life easier for the parent and the child. thanks for your comment and question. Fran A

  4. Daniel@Weight Chart for Females

    I do not drop a ton of comments, but after reading through
    some of the responses here Diabetes Prevention and Lifestyle Change for Normal Glucose Range. I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or do some of these remarks look as if they are written by brain dead visitors? :-P And, if you are writing on other online sites, I’d like to follow you. Could you list of the complete urls of your social networking pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?
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