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Diabetes Complications and Kidneys Function


Diabetes is number one among the causes of kidney failure. The number of people with kidney issues has doubled in the recent years due to increase in diabetes. Type 1 type 2 diabetes both cause this disease. But the positive news is that early detection and proper renal failure treatment can slow down or even reverse the kidney disease.


This shows you how important it is to keep up with the health reports and tests keeping in touch with a medical expert.


Here is an easy link to understand. Once diabetes 2 starts it brings high blood pressure due to extra glucose in blood circulation. High blood sugars damage kidneys filter that keep protein inside the body to maintain good health. Protein leaks into the urine when kidneys don’t work properly.  Unhealthy kidneys can not clean out the waste and extra fluid. Wastes and fluid will start building in the blood instead of leaving the body through urine.


Eating healthy with diabetic meal plans, maintaining healthy weight for height and age, and maintaining kidneys health with your doctors support is the best way at this point.


Medicine and medical technology is developing every year and the idea that kidney diease is not reversible is not a fact any more. Recent studies and research show early dectection is the key. Once microalbuminura is detected it could be reversed if treated properly. The only treatment that works for a diabetic is Blood glucose control, normal blood pressure range and normal cholesterol levels.





Symptoms and Signs of Kidney problems


  • Eye Puffiness and facial swelling, swelling in the face hands and feet
  • Frequent Urination
  • Blood or proteins in the urine
  • burning while urinating
  • High blood pressure
  • Dry itchy Skin rash
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness


Kidneys have very tiny filters that keep protein inside the body to maintain good health. High blood glucose damages the kidneys filters. When kidneys are not perfoming well protein leaks into the urine. Waste and fluid builds up in the blood instead of leaving the body through urine. All this can be prevented if diabetes is maintained closer to normal blood sugar range.


It is suggested that kidneys should be checked for following:



urinary microalbumin

serum creatinine



These tests will tell about reduction in kidney function if any


Microalbumin should be 30mg in a 24-hour urine test.

Blood creatinine should be 1.2 in women or 1.4 in men

Bun levels must be 8.


Your health care provider will help you interpret your lab results.


Chronic Kidney Disease


Chronic Kidney disease retains fluid as the kidneys have lost efficiency and can not remove excess wastes and fluids from the body. In this case, patient is advised to


 1. limit liquids

 2. eating low sodium diets

 3. ristrict intake of protein, potassium and phosphorous


This will help kidneys to relax and work more efficient with least stress. When fluid retention stretegies becomes becomes excessive due to neglience CKD can lead to Congestive Heart disease due to excessive fluid retains around heart or lungs. With high blood pressure and retaining fluids kidneys demage becomes worse. Restricting the amount of sodium and following a healthy eating plan is the key. A renal (kidney) dietitian or nutritionist can help more accurate tips for improving the condition.


However, I feel it is a very late stage for kidneys as the name suggests it is the chronic condition, so be careful and do not make the treatment this late. Take care of diabetes and keep an eye on kidney functions and once signs of kidney problem becomes obvious consult a medical expert right away.


The sole purpose of this information is health awareness.  This information is real and based on facts.  But is not a substitute for medical care from your doctor or health provider.  Please check with your physcian on any matter related to your health and well being.



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