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Build A List To Monetize Without A

Product Or Service


This was one of the eventful weekend for me, because of mothers day.  I was overwhelmed with all the attention and gave myself some time to review my activities.

You are right it was time for me to think of my blog and how can I change it to the better.

  • Changes in the web design
  • Marketing topics that I have not written about.
  • Topics that have not been used on the blogging sites often


After much consideration I chose to write on money blogging.  I noticed that there are so many blog posts, you  can find on info products, niche marketing, but one primary aspect is ignored most.  That is creating a list to start making money.

When you are planning to start your business online, niche marketing, and list building start at the same time.  Depending, on your decision, what method of making money you are starting with, you can start your list even before selecting a niche.

Build an email list without a blog or website


One of the fastest way to start building your own opt-in mail list is to launch a free newsletter.  Yes you do not even need an existing business to launch a free newsletter.  And of course you will make money without an existing business.  All you need is some time every day.

Your newsletter have to be full of information about a subject that your subscribers are passionate about.

Promote other people product and services ( affiliate business) in the newsletter that your subscribers are passionate about.  Do that in exchange of  sales numbers that your clients get through your newsletter.

This is a great way to get started online.  You are creating your opt in email list and making some money with your newsletter.  If you made sure that the information that you provide in the newsletter is what people wait for and are eager to read as soon as it arrives, people will make purchases with no problem for the recommended products from the newsletter, based on your reviews of the products, or testimonials about products, as you have already won the credibility with the newsletter.

To find people online to sign up for your free newsletter is going to be easier more than you think.  Post an offer for your free newsletter is free, you will be able to attract tons of subscribers.

It is the easiest way to accept orders from several companies to sell their offers via your newsletter.  By joining an affiliate marketing program you can earn commission every time one of your  subscribers to newsletter buys a product from that company.

Once you have a big opt in email list you can set up your product business to sell a product from the same niche and you will be able to sell it good because of an opt in email list of passionate subscribers who are ready to buy your product as soon as it launches.

Once you have started collecting your optin email lists , make sure to create an customer relationship with your customers.  Reward them with specials customer event for the reward program sales.  You can set up a special page on your site that is access-able only to the customers and then send then an email telling them how to take advantage of the specials you advertise on that page.

Your list is actually your customer names present and future.  The more you will make them feel that you respect their needs and provide the best information for product and backend sales, the more they will buy from you.  This is the online success to your opt in email list.  This is the awesomeness of list building.

To start list building and making money with a newsletter has its benefits.

  • As a newbie you can discover many different ways of making money
  • You can continue your newsletter and make money with it.
  • Select a niche that is profitable and you have passion will become easier for you.


You will have a huge list and you will be able to upsell backend sell, sell your product and make lots of money.

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38 Responses to “Build A List To Monetize Without A Product Or Service”

  • Gera from Sweets Foods Blog:

    Hi Fran,

    I’m in the process of building my newsletter to start the email list – it’s necessary. Totally agree!
    I’ve delayed with this theme due to my transition to WP.


    Gera@Sweets Foods Blog recently posted..StumbleUpon Tips and Tricks to Stumble Upon like a Rockstar!

  • Hi Fran,

    Another great post! Great post letting us realize the importance of building a mailing list.

    Building a list is the most important thing a marketer should do.

    In fact everything a marketer dose should be based around building a list. Thanks for showing us how we can start building a list of our own without needing product of your own.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted..The Fuel to Reach your Goals

    • Fran Aslam:

      Seems like my post is going to be one of the high ranked post , because you my friend, are here to write the first comment.

      Thanks for taking the time and placing a comment. Today is Friday, enjoy the Follow Friday at tweeter and have an awesome week end.

      Fran A

  • Glad you mentioned this Fran it is like a timely reminder i am thinking along that line and like Gera i am using mailchimp at the moment and considering writing and e-book too. Thanks for the detailed information.
    lawmacs recently posted..Sunday Post Round Up 20

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi lawmacs:

      Thanks for your comment. I need to do some serious list building too.
      I always get uneasy doing it. Seeing everyone doing it will motivate me.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Fran A

  • Building list is most Important here online if you want Grow up from day to day.

    Everything good.
    Sanya recently posted..Backlinks

  • Fran, you have shared again with us really Value Post. Thank you, and hope, that people understand, that is really everything in list.

    All the Best

    if somebody want Learn about Copyriting, here is my Value site :
    Alex Orlic recently posted..How Can Anyone …

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alex

      I read your post and added a comment because is is a social activity and creates traffic for you. I hope you like it. I will check the site you have mentioned about copy writing.

      Fran A

  • Hello Fran,

    Ah! You’ve covered a great way for newcomers to get started online…and the beauty of it is, they can go ahead and do it without having any other form of business set up.

    launching a free newsletter will work a treat, I know of a few that have done this with great effect when starting out online; to get subscribers on-board.

    Even if one has a business started…then moving to a free newsletter to give away, can get them even more people on their list, the beauty of this can be that you already have a lot of valueable information sitting around in various places that could be packaged up and given away on a weekly or monthly basis. It could be as simply as written text you have; where you could convert it into audio, this starts to add value straight away where you could tell your subscribers that it’s only them that get the both versions if they sign up or something along those lines. I’ve found “People do love to listen while they read.”

    Well put together Fran.


    P.S. Fran I know you said you were back a foward to my blog and left a few comments…I’m sorry for missing them. Yeah! They probably went to the spam area, I’ll look out for you if you’re every by my way again, that way if I get you approved it should keep you out of the spam folder :) .
    Eamon recently posted..Facebook Spam

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hey Eamon:

      Wonderful to see you here. I did like your writing style from the very first day I read you and I find the same today when I read your comment.

      Thanks for visiting my site. I really like the idea of newsletter and I know a few people doing it today, just like you. At times, this is the easiest way to do it, as work is less, (or at least I feel that way). My next article is on the same topic and I hope you get to read it.

  • Hey Fran

    Cool article on how to get started with no product, just so long as everyone remembers that list size is NOT AS IMPORTANT as the relationship with the list.

    I remember when I first started online, I was not told this and I wish I was, sure would have saved me a whole lot of time.

    BIGGER is not BETTER.

    I would gladly take a list of 100 responsive subscribers rather than 100,000 unresponsive ones.

    Catch ya later, Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Fancy buying me a beer 8 spots avail…

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hey Sally:

      My friend it is nice to see you. I liked your comment and my next post is about relationship. You are so smart as far as Internet marketing goes. Work on becoming a guru soon.

      How is life at your end and what are your plans? Show some activity.

      Fran A

  • mandy from learntoblog:

    HI Fran, yes, a list is so important, and it is important to know how to treat your list, what to market to them and how to measure the reposnses so you can tilor your products to that list.

    Enjoy the journey.

    mandy@learntoblog recently posted..Passionate Focused Thinking

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hey Mandy:

      Wonderful to see you here. I agree with you relationship with the list is most important than ever. Keep up with it. Thanks for writing a comment.

      Fran A

  • Adam:


    This is a great post to help people without any lead magnet or blogs to start creating a list.

    Like they all say, money is on the list and is true. What is even more true is what Sally pointed out; size of the list is not important and it is better to have less number of responsive people in the list rather than a colossal number of people who do not respond.

    Thank your for the great insights Fran.
    You take care!
    Adam recently posted..3 Grand Benefits Of Offering Services In Your Blog

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Adam:

      Thanks for visiting. You are right. Relationship, and responsive email marketing is the important strategies that lets you monetize easily.

      Keep up with your efforts.

      Fran A

  • Hi Fran,

    Good tips, Making newsletter also not easy one,it is like an art. We need put our effort much to make it eye catchy and user friendly, if we cant make it out, we can avail some private services to make our newsletters.
    Thiru recently posted..Skifta Android App Review

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Thiru:

      You are awesome. How are things at your work and how is the education going.
      Hope you are doing everything with flying colors. However, thank you for the comment.

      Fran A

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thiru what’s up and how are you. how is college, You have to keep doing it with flying colors.

      Do you have any guest post where you write, I am looking for some guest post to write about. So far I have done there, I want to do a total of 10 guest posts.

      Thank you.

  • Fran Aslam:


    Good site you have. and Thanks for visiting my site and reading the post.
    If you have any questions do not forget to ask.

    Fran A

  • Thanks for your sharing.It’s a useful post worth to read.
    van025 recently posted..What is the best way to study for the GRE

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Vano25 Thanks for writing a comment and I always write pose that may help my readers. You can ask me to write about the topic that you need to read about. I will try to read sooner or later. Depending on the time

  • Hi Fran

    Hope you are well.

    Great advice on using a free news letter to build up a list and set up a business on the back end.

    Simple and effective…I am in the process of setting up something along theseline as we speak…really useful reading this post.

    I am not sure if you know Michele Welch of newbizblogger.. she provides Internet Entrepreneurs with step by step Online Business Tips & Training. She is doing a great guest post on my site about social media sites on 25th May…so worth a read.


    • Fran Aslam:

      hi Zahid nice to see you here hope you are keeping your life in the limelight, doing tings for yourself and improving your life. I know Michelle very well,she knows me very little. we exchange comments and tweets, I like here. I will like to read her blog post at your site right away as soon as she writes here.

      Kiesha , will be publishing my guest post soon, too. Zahid will you like another guest post from me, if you have topic of choice let me know ahead of time.

      let me know if you are interested. In I do have two guest post alliened, I a looking for few more.

      Let me know and keep in touch

      Fran A

  • This is a hot blogging topic in itself and you’ve got some lovely points, Fran. Sometimes, though, I think we worry too much about monetization and lose the joy of blogging. It’s worth stopping occasionally and asking yourself “Why am I hoping to make money blogging?” Is it because you can’t make money another way? Or is it because you increase the value of readers’ online experience?
    Adwello recently posted..Make Niche Affiliate Marketing Fast Cash Now

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hello Adwello, thanks for reading my blog post and writing a comment. Well , every one has their point of view. At times I see that readers are not satisfied unless you talk about making money. Other times they are asking for a blog post that does not talk about making money. there are all kind of opinions and all kinds of posts. If I expect an all round readership, I need to touch all the topics so everyone feels good reading my site. Though my niche is only one and that is writing. I am online writer as a profession.

      I hope you will continue your visit evry now and then to find a good read for yourself.

      Enjoy and Have a super profitable weekend and week

      Fran A

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  • Hi Fran,

    It never occured to me to start with a newsletter. I have thought of starting another area of interest, but have had doubts about the subject matter. I guess a newsletter might help me to find out.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Barber recently posted..Bistro MD savings promo codes

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Kathy:

      Newsletter is a very strong way to build a list. Before you start your news letter make sure that you have lots of outstanding information about your niche to start. Because it has to be something that entice the reader to sign up. Advertise, an ad campaign in your newsletter to make money. Email marketing is the best way to send this newsletter . Adding a web form is important in the newsletter, for the new subscribers. If you have any questions just let me know. Thanks for visiting my website.
      Fran A

  • Fran, an interesting post. I couldn’t help noticing that you said it would be easy to find people to sign up for a free, informative newsletter, and I must admit, that’s not my experience.

    I’d like to give this a try. How do I find subscribers?
    Lesley from Lesley Writes recently posted..A Website Promotion Plan Using Article Marketing

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Lesley:

      Now once you are not getting what you want, you have to look at your project. First look at the amount of traffic, If you are using a web form on your news letter, squeeze page or landing page, take a hard look at each step and see how you are grabbing the attention of the reader. It has to solve the problem of the reader.
      the words that you are using must push the reader to write the name and email address. Are you offering a freebie with the web form? Make sure that Freebie is full of qualities that reader may think he has to know more from this source and may sign up. Focus on your goal, and try to analyze your work, it will happen for you. Find information on the internet and read more on this topic. You can not give in. It is happening for many of us, it will happen for you too.

      Make it great for yourself, you can do it.

      Fran A

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  • Britney@money makiing ebooks and ideas:

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will
    be grateful to you.

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