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Breasr Cancer Research for Prevention
Breast Cancer Research for Prevention




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Breast Cancer statistics show that it is reducing in numbers every year from 1999. But this reduction is very less in numbers. Breast cancer survival rate is reducing only two percent. Everyone knows early detection is the key to a faster, easy painless recovery. The reasons for this reduction in number are:


  •  Global Awareness

Breast cancer awareness activities, like breast cancer pink, breast cancer bracelets, and preventive measures are making everyone aware of it. WHO ( World Health Organization) has been working on research awareness and reports for breast cancer works as information providers for the world.


  •  National Awareness Activities


Almost all countries have awareness activities about breast cancer including USA.


  •  Organized Local Awareness


Different associations volunteers medical research institutes hospital are always running awareness campaigns for making people aware of breast cancer prevention.


  •  Continued Medicinal Research for Breast Cancer


Research for making new medicines and experimenting the results is another aspect of success in finding a better cure year after year. Breast cancer is a top priority. As a result of breast cancer research, new drugs are invented.


According to the USA TODAY (06/05/2011), there are drugs that can prevent breast cancer. The two medicines that can prevent breast cancer are





These drug reduce cancer risk factors by 50%. As always few women are taking this drug, but both of these drugs have after effects. One of the worst effect is blood clots which itself is deadly.


Because of so much progress in breast care prevention, I am sure a solution is not too far away.


Actually when it comes to prevention it is the life style factor that works the best. Just a focused healthy lifestyle will prevent you to get breast cancer.





However some of the following strategies have been mentioned again and again to avoid risks.


 1.  Use of Alcohol


Try to reduce bear, wine or liquor. I know that some wines are recommended for heart disease, but as far as breast cancer goes all preventive strategies recommend to limit all kind of alcohol. Avoid drinking is the best strategy for breast cancer prevention.


2.  Maintain a Healthy Body Weight


Being overweight or obese invites breast cancer just like so many other health problems. So watch your weight and maintain it to the normal weight range according to your height and watch your BMI ( body Mass Index)


3.  Lifestyle Changes


Make sure you figure out every day activity as a must. A work out at home or gym, a walk to the park, or core strengthening exercise routine, make it a priority and exercise daily as a preventive measure to breast cancer. American health standards by health and human services recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity.


 4.  Breast Feeding for New Moms


If you are a female and new mom, breast feeding the baby is a good option that will work for you as breast care prevention.


 5.  At the Menopause Age


Avoid using hormones therapy as is not recommended to prevent breast cancer. Instead ask your doctor some other remedies for menopause treatment. Daily Exercise is a good option that will help you solve both, the breast cancer prevention and menopause.


 6.  Environmental Pollution


Not only breast cancer but also so many other kind of cancers are caused with air water pollution. Eco-friendly homes and fresh out doors provide a health living and so it reduces the risk of breast cancer too. Researchers say that there is a strong link between breast cancer and hydrocarbons found in the car exhausts. Both indoors and out doors have lots of environmental hazards. Try your best and live in a germ free environment and clean air to avoid risks of breast cancer.


7.  Follow a Balanced Diet Plan


A balanced diet plan is responsible for maintaining a healthy body weight and so it helps to breast cancer prevention. A strong body that gets all the necessary nutrients needed helps improve immune system and will not attract diseases easily.


8.  Breast Cancer Links to Gum Disease and Tooth Loss


Recently, when I studied the breast cancer prevention strategies, I came to know that

breast cancer and gum disease are directly connected. I am not sure what is the link yet. An Advanced dentistry serving for last three decades, in Middleton, New Jersey will give a free dental cleaning to every patient and will donate matching funds donated by Crest Oral B to promote early detection of breast cancer, “give hope pink pack” campaign for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, this month (October 2011)


A Study in Sweden shows that life time gum problems like gum infection can contribute to breast cancer. These chances are so serious that they create an eleven fold greater risk of getting the disease. So, take care of your oral health also to prevent Breast cancer.


9.  Key factor is still early detection. The early you will know the easy it is to treat

Use all the popular preventive measures but still self exam, clinical exam and mammography is the key to make sure, you do not have it.



I tried to write this important information in the easiest form and I hope you all will make lifestyle changes. Take one minute of your time and write your impression of these preventions in the comment section of the blog. This gives me an idea how to write next time to make it better for you. In my next post I will talk about a three step easy focused plan for breast cancer prevention.


See you then.

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