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Main Events SEO 2010 and Hot Trends of 2011

Awareness with the hot trends of 2011 is very important for all online users.  As this will help them to make better use of Internet and achieve their goals on a higher level than not knowing how to do it in the latest style.  Everyone knows that SEO search engine optimization and its application to online sites pays off in the form of SERP’s from Google Bing and Yahoo. There are several services free and paid that help you identify where search engines are having problem indexing your site, but once you have a blog or static site that you are managing, it is much better to know more about search engines, their algorithm, indexing and other optimization techniques.  The two best sites and services that you will find best to help you with these strategies are

Google webmaster central

Bing Webmaster tools

In order to find the business trends in 2011, it becomes very necessary to have a brief look on the occurrence of 2010. This will give us a perception for 2011.  Following are the highlights of some of the search engine optimization changes that occurred in 2010.

1.    Website Speed

April 2010, Google announced the impact of Website speed on Google PR as a part of the Google algorithm. Sites with a faster load speed will optimize better as these sites will help a searcher to find the results much faster than a low speed site.  There are many factors that create the speed of the website up load. Some of these are keywords, hosting, size of the server, configuration, web page content, and the number of objects on a web page.

2.    Local Searches and local SEO

This was also one of the hottest topics in 2010 for SEO search engine optimization.   Several significant changes were made to Google local searches with Google places.

This resulted in local searches integrating with organic search results, resulting to change website ranking layouts in Nov 2010, Google released Google hot pot and December, 2010, Google announced Google favorite places, where popular listings can be awarded.

3.    Social Media sites

A.     Social media was recognized as an essential part of search engine optimization by Google in 2010.  It was accepted to use social media strategy to improve PR of your sites.
B.    Engaging the audience from twitter and facebook network to your website for better optimization became an effective strategy by Google.
C.    SEO and SMO (social media optimization) became interlinked for page rank.

4.    Mobile Search and Mobile content

Google paid attention to mobile search as search from mobile was increasing on an alarming rate.  It is increasing 4-5 times higher than Internet search.  Determining a strategy for every business from this source was important.  As the number of searches performed was growing as high as 56.9 million every day.   Google mobile key word tool is very effective for optimizing your site or placing your ads.

5.    Video

Google officially introduced audio transcription services to you tube that uses speech technology to generate automatic video contents.  This combined with Google adaptation of you tube and video also became a norm.  Videos are very effective sales tool for business online, as they engage a person’s attention in full, by using many senses that makes them decide faster and buy the product.

6.    Brand building became effective

Google algorithm changed in May 2010.  The main purpose was to improve the quality of search.  This was an effective change.   Many websites faced ups and downs.  And as a result the authoritative sites with cool PR became more popular.  Brand building got empowered.

7.    Indexing changes by Google

Google continued to improve its Indexing features in 2010.  Now content text images and video’s xml sitemaps, started getting spiders.  Specialized site map
Google, latest breaking news, geographic and mobile content, all got Google’s algorithm’s attention.   Google was able to index contents at a higher level of information that didn’t accept duplicate contents and content farming for indexing.
It was combined effort of Adobe and Google.

8.     Linking strategies in 2010

Just like everything link building SEO had to be changed to improve the indexing and algorithm for better and accurate search.  Google emphasized the rejection of custom link building services.  Internal linking and gradual linking in a moderate fashion was promoted by Google.  Location of the link on page, length of anchor text was promoted.  Bulk linking was regarded as spam.

9.    Google Caffeine

June 2010 Google announced Google Caffeine.  Caffeine is designed to update the web, as fast as possible and it allows Google to process all types of contents including images video’s pictures, sound and of course content of the text.  Caffeine is the part of SEO process but doesn’t directly bring changes to website indexing or algorithm process.

10.      Google Instant Search

September 08, 2010, Google Instant was introduced.  Google instant provides Google custom search for the searches.  The instant search results were refined and are produced even before entering the full search query by the searcher.  This provides fastest results to the searchers and helps to increase conversion rates.

11.    Content of the Text

Contents are the most important part of an online presentation.  Contents have the high priority in quality for website optimization.  Fresh unique relevant content is the fundamental base of SEO.  Search engines understand text better than video’s images or even sound.  This is the simple reason you have to use Alt, Caption and titles for images and video’s, so that search engines can easily notice the image, video or sound files.

So for 2011 the most important trend is the CONTENTS.

Latest Trends of 2011

Google wants to keep the superior standard of search users because best information is the basics of success for everyone.  Google wants to deliver quality and not quantity without any duplicate content. To overcome this Google changed its algorithm for US only on Feb 24, 2011. This was done to overcome the growing number of websites with a high page rank.

This changed the high page rank of 11.8 % sites, as described by Google.  These changes occurred mostly in the content farms, as these low quality farms were damaging the usefulness of Google search.

1.    So, now the trend is to reduce spam, duplicate content, content farms and low quality website in search results, including new ways for users to give more specific feedback.  To do this the most important step is to write contents that are needed on the Internet.  Whatever you write must be
a.    Original
b.    Write with the searcher in mind
c.    Write in simple and clear English
d.    The contents should be attention grabber
e.    Fluff free and focused

2.     Local search marketing and positive reviews

High ranking website for search engine optimization will now include reviews especially for local searches

3. Facebook and Twitter

Search engine optimization will include interaction with twitter and Facebook networks.

4.    More Emphasis on Search

Internet and all other digital marketing optimization will have more emphasis on search.

5.  WebDesign and Click Through

Creative web design and click through rates will also have the focus of optimization.

6.  Emphasis on HTML

HTML will advance more for website optimization this year.

Content text, local search marketing, social media, Video’s linking, Branded search, mobile search and Indexing will be the focus of 2011.

The search engine environment is becoming very complex, as algorithm is always adding more and more complexity to it.  But then again these changes in the algorithm are for global improvement.

SEO is becoming more and more important with these complexities.  You have to pay little more attention to it than before, so you can still bring your page rank where you want it to be for more conversions.   Make sure that your site has all the search engine optimization factors and trends in your strategy.

This blog post is very short description of search engine optimization for business trends of the current year.  Whatever Google is planning will be announced in the coming months, keep your eyes hooked ears glued for the new launches by Google Search engine, as this is the biggest search engine, making 75% of the net revenues with searches.  Internet users will have to be ready to use the newest strategies to apply right away for their profitable business.

Until next time
Try your best and enjoy your success

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53 Responses to “SEO and Hot Trends of 2011”

  • Fran,

    Keeping up with what is happening with SEO can be a big job. There can be soooo many changes. And there is always the algorithms mystery.

    I like your focus on the local markets. It does look like it is a big trend for 2011.

    Out of all the changes I dislike the Instant Search. I usually turn it off so I can search for items I have not searched before.

    I always start with WordPress, because of its CSS formating. This makes the sites instantly SEO friendly.

    Thanks Fran
    Sheila Atwood recently posted..2 Web Tools You Will Fall For- Hook Line and Sinker

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Sheila:

      You are right about so many changes, I agree with you. In a blog post, you can only right so much. Still I tired to take the highlights of 2010 and based on it I wrote about the trends of the current year.

      Thanks for your comment

      Make it great for yourself.

      Fran A

  • Good post Fran the trend changes and with all that is going on in the world of seo we need to follow the trends and keep updating ourselves or we will be left behind. Well said my friend.
    lawmacs recently posted..Selling Links Choose Them Wisely

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks Gary. It is the post I needed to write to let everyone know to take care of their work by being vigilant and going with the trends that search engine want.
      I hope it works for everyone.

      Make it great for yourself

      Fran A

  • Patricia from lavender oil:

    Hi Fran

    Very well researched and well written post. There is so much I still have to learn and these sort of informative posts, written so clearly are of great assistance in helping me. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this to us Fran. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavender oil recently posted..To buy or not to buy…that is the question

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Patricia:

      This is about 7.30 am, and your comment brightened my morning. Thank you for
      all the support that I get from you and yes I had to some time to produce quality and quantity in this post. Thanks for reading it.

      Fran A

  • Great takeaways on what’s happening this year Fran.

    As for me, I think that the most recognizable change that’s empowering search these days is the capability of the content to generate noise – through social signals and universal search aggregation (video, images, news, blogs, etc…). Utilizing these channels effectively seems to bring in great results in a short period of time.

    But I believe that there’s one trend that’s immovable – trust is still the biggest factor.
    Jason Acidre recently posted..How to Get Natural In-Content and Editorial Links

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Jason:

      Thanks for visiting my site. Well I will say we both are right. What you have said about video and social media is acceptable 100%. I also like your editorial link
      Keep up the good work.

      Make it great for yourself.

      Fran A

  • Steve from Internet Lifestyle:

    Thanks Fran,

    I appreciate you keeping up on all the things that are going on in Seo for 2011. ONe thing is true in this work and it’s that nothing remains static. Things are always changing.
    Steve@Internet Lifestyle recently posted..What you can learn about succeeding online from being a nerd

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Steve:

      Wow, I feel good when you do write a comment on my site, as I know it has to be good and original. So Thanks. I agree with 100%, it is always changing and every thing that changes moves towards perfection in many ways. It might not work good for me but it does not mean it is not moving in the right direction.

      You have to move to greater from great too.

      Fran A

  • A rather substantial article with a very good preparation. I have witnessed all the changes and I can only add that in 2011 we will have to concentrate more on mobile search and social networks which are growing rapidly and they have serious impact on SEO. Google will try to introduce more changes to make SEO fairer.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Susan:

      you are right about choosing the most effective strategies for 2011. I feel you are right.

      Fran A

  • Alex from Jocuri:

    Google did a lot of changes and they are planning to do much more.

    I don’t know if you found out about Google +1, it’s the new service that they want get out in order to compete with facebook.
    I don’t really know how well will +1 be received by the public and I highly doubt it will get as big as facebook, or will draw people away from facebook.

    I saw someone mentioning Google Instant Search. I don’t know why but I hate it too, I always disable it, because sometimes while I am searching and suddenly change the word it fails to make a new search.
    Alex@Jocuri recently posted..Curse Buggy

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alex:

      Yes you are right. I know it is very hard to keep on following changes and that takes so much time. It is easier for teen agers who do not have complex life problems. Where as the world is full of baby boomers. Just have to try our best and go on. Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment
      Fran A

  • Dana from Best Broadband Blog:

    So, it means that we must always adapts on the our SEO venture since Search Engine always change.
    Dana @ Best Broadband Blog recently posted..What is WiMAX

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Dana:

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading the post , along with a comment. Yes you guessed it right.

      All the best

      Fran A

  • Hi Fran,

    You went above and beyond with this one. These SEO tends are very good to know. Searching for this kind of information can take you a very long time.

    Here you can find it all in one post. This post is very insightful for marketers who are serious about SEO. A lot of marketers wouldn’t even know about this stuff if it weren’t for your post.

    I’ve come across this information in bits and pieces. It’s so convenient to find it all in one place and learn.

    Thanks for this not so easy to come across information and keeping us on top of whats going on out there.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted..The Fuel to Reach your Goals

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Terry:

      Thank you so much for your insight about this blog post. I simply have gratitude that I have friends like you. It did take a lot of time to create this blog post. But it all seems worth it once it makes it easy for my network to read all information at one place. I am full of gratitude to receive this comment and I wish I can display it on the home page. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

      Fran A

  • Adam:

    With all the changes and more changes coming up on Google, we are always going to have something to worry about huh Fran! Well, I guess it is a good thing because we would have something to write about (O:

    I love your detailed analysis on the SEO trend. I am glad to see it in one blog post instead of having to search it on Google. Talking about search, I hate Google instant as well.

    Awesome post Fran!
    Talk soon!

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Adam:

      Thanks for reading and writing a comment. I agree with you on several points here. Yes I tried to put together a comprehensive list, so it is easy to follow it.


  • Hello Fran! Great work! Thanks for keeping us all updated. I’m not surprised that advanced HTML will be of significant importance.

    All the more reason business owners need to seek professional advice!

    Tia Peterson recently posted..Radio Killed the Video Star Or was it the other way around…

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Tia:

      Nice seeing you here. I am glad you visited my site. I am glad you liked the post.
      Today, my son phoned me and told me that he liked seeing my post on the top when he was searching something for his work. He shared the post with his staff. And he told me he is proud of me. Now you did. Wow This fills me from inside. Good Friday is over. I wish you a very Happy Easter Sunday. Enjoy.
      Fran A

  • Gera from Sweets Foods Blog:

    Hi Fran,

    Here there is SEO information galore! You’re right and Google is changing the rules often – many marketers are clueless LOL.
    Seriously, more than ever having good social skills can improve a lot the SERP.

    If you see some results sometimes they have no relation with PR, Alexa or links but they have good social exposure.

    All the best on this Easter,

    Gera@Sweets Foods Blog recently posted..How to Transfer Intense Debate to WordPress with File Size Error plus WP Plugins for Immediate Installation

  • Hi Fran

    Hope you doing good, and again i started reading with your wonderful blog. I would like to update new trend of google which is called google’s panda effect. Panda algorithm going to penalize all duplicate content sites on organic search results. yes, they will be thrown away from serp.
    Thiru recently posted..Epicurious Recipes &amp Shopping List on your iphone

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Thiru:

      How are you. I thought of you so many times. I guess you were busy. And that is okay. So I hope I will see you again. Thanks for the comment

      Make it great for yourself

      Fran A

  • Eloy Q. Casey from offshore bank accounts:

    Contrary to what you might think it is within your control to design a content-rich authoritative easily accessible site for search engines like Google Yahoo! Our company strives to stay on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization technology as well. Did you know that Google tweaked its algorithm for assigning sites spots on the Search Engine Results pages over 400 times last year? SEOP s staff with decades of combined experience doing SEO campaigns is able to stay on top of the trends and conduct research and statistical analysis to make sure that your site ranks where it belongs. We have the time and expertise to rank your site and keep it ranked.

  • I really appreciate your article, Fran. I always love to be educated and this post is another bunch of info that I must store in my memory bank. Haha! SEO is not an easy task and I know that everybody is doing all their research to keep up. Good thing you have this research-based projection of 2011 hot trends.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks for your comment, subscribe to RSS feed so you may refer to my site reading easily. Thanks for the comment.

      Fran A

  • We will explode your income by promoting your site Worldwide.
    I offer full advertising and optimization to boost your business up on top for only $99! contact me (

    • Fran Aslam:


      Thanks for your comment, I had a look and your new site looks very awesome and will get good results. Keep up the good work

      Fran A

  • Fran, that’s real good Content. We can Learn a lot from this. If I look my self, I can tell that always find something new, and that is proof that we learn all the time !

    thank you again and I must say that I’ll read your site more often !

    Alex Orlic recently posted..Simple Steps To Free Advertising

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Alex:

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading the post. I checked out your sit and it is a good read. I do try to write the topics that are current and can be used.
      Hope to see you again.

      Fran A

  • Keeping up with what is happening with SEO can be a big job. There can be soooo many changes. And there is always the algorithms mystery.

    I like your focus on the local markets. It does look like it is a big trend for 2011.

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks Flights to Bangkok:

      I certainly appreciate you for spending time with my site to write and writing four
      different positive comments. You yourself have an awesome business site, and I know it is well optimized and so I wish you all the success in your business ventures.

      Fran A

  • Fran,

    a lot of good Information you have here. SEO is everything in this our Online “life”. So, we must do everything to get All points together in one !

    I saw that I must do a lot of work to get this together. But, my site is fast, that’s good and 1 point is for me :) .

    nice weekend, Fran !

    Alex Orlic recently posted..Fight with Stress

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks Alex Orlic:

      Alex you got a good wife, and you both are doing the blog together, I like that.
      You and Sanya have any question ask me. If I know I will tell you. Thanks for your comment.

      Fran A

  • So nice and interesting article , i really enjoyed to read it.

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  • Hi Fran, I stumbled upon this site just now, and decided to read this article on SEO because I’m just getting into it. I liked how you provided in-depth analysis from 2010, as well as what Google is looking for in 2011. I haven’t heard of Google Caffeine yet (I know I’m so lost), so I’m going to go check that out right now. I always learn something new when I go to these types of sites. Thanks for the well-written article!
    Hulbert Lee recently posted..Comment on How to Focus on Having an Optimistic Personality by How to Focus on Contributing to SocietyHow To Focus Better

  • Good – I should certainly pronounce, impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs as well as related information ended up being truly easy to do to access. I recently found what I hoped for before you know it at all. Reasonably unusual. Is likely to appreciate it for those who add forums or something, web site theme . a tones way for your client to communicate. Excellent task..

    • Fran Aslam:

      Thanks for your comments at my blog post. I hope you will come again to read more information .

      Fran A

  • AJ Clarke from premium wordpress themes:

    Nice post. People often forget that SEO is constantly changing and SEO in 2011 is going to be WAY different then 2010, already in June there has been so many changes to the Google index and the way sites are ranking. You’ve definitely covered the main stuff here. In my opinion the bigger ones are Social media and indexation. It’s super important to keep an eye on the changes… It would be nice to see a follow-up post here at franstips showing some of the SEO changes that have taken place and the current trends.

    AJ Clarke@premium wordpress themes recently posted..How To Add The Google 1 Button To WordPress

  • Tom from Searchlight Rental:

    I think the factor that is becoming increasingly more important, for SEO, in 2011 is Social Media / networking. For the first time, the other day, I saw a business page link in embedded in a 7-pack.

    In 2011 it really a risk to ignore Facebook and Twitter.
    Tom@Searchlight Rental recently posted..7 Reasons To Use Searchlights To Promote A Nighttime Event

  • Martin from CDL Practice Test:

    Besides the interaction with Facebook and Twitter they also made their charge on the market with the recent +1 button. I personally don’t see a use for it, but they look serious since they already went and placed it in Webmaster Tools.
    We’ll just have to wait and see what plans they have for it in the future.
    Martin@CDL Practice Test recently posted..Hazmat Practice Test

    • Fran Aslam:

      Hi Martin:

      I did sign up with Google plus and I am creating a team, it is feeling very interesting. Thanks for the comment

      Fran A

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