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20 Effective Strategies To Blog Traffic For More Readers and Comments

To be recognized as a super blog writer with innumerable comments from your regular readership that is accelerating with a sharper curve you need traffic and traffic to your blog.  This is the goal of every blogger.  Comments and readerships are the best ways to get the real feed back and know how are you doing as a blog writer to make your blog.

You can also call it a way to make your  blog most popular.  Or how to get more traffic to your blog.  It is one and the same effort with different point of views.  A lot of work goes into writing blog posts that people want to read and therefore, to expect some recognition for the effort is very real.

After much consideration and focus here are twenty effective ways to get the most readers and comments writers to your blogs.

1.  Laser Focus:

Reply to your readers comment and make this relationship more and more deeper so people who are writing comments may not divert their attention from your blog.  This way when more readers will come to read they will be added to your readership and comment writers. Pay attention to every action that can improve your blog.

2.  Make yourself known in the blogosphere:

Read as many blog post as possible and add comments wherever possible.  Blog hoping is the right way to be known in your community.  Make sure your comments are for the post you are commenting on and carries a great impression and a most positive effect in the mind of the blogger you are commenting for.  If you are writing on a guest post, address both the original owner and the post writer.

3.  Invite comments:

This is very important.  Use effective communication skills on the Internet that is only possible with words and therefore you have to remind your Internet community to leave a comment.  Remember when you are selling a product online you write your call to action, so the reader may decide to buy.  Inviting a reader for the comment is just the same and it is a necessity for a blogger who is looking to get readership or comments.

4.  Make them subscribe to it:

Offer an email alternative to RSS and ask for the subscription preferably at the bottom of each post.  Because when the reader finishes the post and grasping the impression from the post to decide to come to this blog for more, this is the best time to see the offer of RSS reader or email subscription.

5. Start a controversial issue:

This makes the visitors to connect to each other to build in a community on themselves.  Visitors will come to your blog more often to write comment as they are able to socialize too.

6.  Be human and natural:

Present yourself as you are, admit your shortcomings to those who are commenting on your blog.  Give them a reason to connect with you at your blog, by telling them about something that they need.  At the same time keep the super quality of the blog post.

7.  Attract more readers with your title:

Title is the creme of the blog post and attracts more and more readers who turn into comment writers once impressed by the post.  Title brings the post  come up in the web search results also and for those who visit your blog to read too.  You will get more and more readers depending on the title.  It has to be keywords enriched and uniquely written.

8. Multi media posts:

Blog posts with best titles, images and videos is the latest trend and people like to explore these posts right away.  Presentation of this nature will make them write a comment for sure.  But usually colorful blogs with video’s many time are not taken seriously to get focused information.  Do whatever is necessary and suits your blog to get the mos out of it.

9.  Write about what you know:

A topic that is familiar to you and presentation to make it as an outstanding post both work together to make your blog post exceptionally good and therefore, if it is a SEO post then most visitors will read your site, more visitors will write more comments to your site.

10.  Make your blog more readable:

Look at your blog and see if there are distractions to read.  Some ads, or the nature of some images whatever takes the attention of the reader away from your blog, get rid of those distractions as you are writing the blog post for readers to read mostly.  Do not distract the readers after doing so much work.

11.  Announce a contest:

For the readers and visitors create a contest with some prizes.  Keep this going for a longer period of time and get sign up for this contest.  Some of these new readers specially those who will keep reading your blog will write comments or request them to write comments.  You can also ask them to enter in the contest as many times as they will add real comment to the blog posts.  it is your contest and you make the rules.  But be careful do only what is legal.

12.  Offer some info products as gifts:

These are specially meant for those who subscribe to your blog posts via mail.  Free ebooks reports ecourse or audio series are great examples of these gifts.  This becomes much easier if you arrange this with autoresponders.

13.  Make the readers excited about the next post:

While writing a post, let readers know about the new post what will you be writing about in such a way that they are intrigued to wait and read the next post.

14.  Use Viral ebooks:

Ebooks written by you or someone else, ebooks that have rights to be used virally create a special PDF file format and on every page write your URL so the ebook or report promotes your blog URL.

15.  Write Posts as Guest Blogger on other bloggers blog:

Write a blog post on someone else’ s blog to contribute with a deal that you will have your own byline and URL at the end of the blog post.

16.  Post in forums:

A very well established technique  that is here for a long time is to post your blog info in forums where you are known.  People will get to know you and your offer will look into it an some may become permanent visitor to your blog to write comments too.

17.  Networking with other bloggers:

This is the original method for Internet marketing.  find a way to help your own visitors and eventually work into a relationship.  ring them to your blog to write comment.

18.  Promotional deals:

Make deals with other bloggers to promote each other.  In case one blogger has more subscriber than make a ratio deal to promote for each other.  You can promote each other in RSS feed reader using feed advertising.  This allows you to have up to six rotating links.

19.  Start a pod cast of your blog:

Those who are not very found of reading or do not have time to read, can use it while driving or getting ready in the bathroom and so many other occassions.  Mention your blog URL your name and benefits of subscribing to them in every blog post.  Give ti to iTunes and other pod cast directories.

20.  A subscription page:

Create a page that is dedicated to nothing than obtaining a subscription and drive traffic to it from your blog.  use articles or adwords to drive traffic to this page.  Add a free gift and get sign up to your blogs free information.  with the word Free it will work much faster.

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Fran Aslam

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61 thoughts on “20 Effective Strategies To Blog Traffic For More Readers and Comments
  1. Cedric Aubry @ Affiliate Marketing Secrets

    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for sharing your top 20 strategies for getting more traffic to your blog.

    My favorite way is # 14

    “Viral ebook” is a powerful and free way to get tons of traffic. I use this technique a lot.

    Another way to attract High quality visitors to your blog or website is to write a press release linking back to your blog.

    Once again thanks for sharing your strategies.

    Best Regards,
    Cedric Aubry
    Cedric Aubry @ Affiliate Marketing Secrets recently posted..4 Benefits of Creating Backend Offers

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Cedric:

      thanks for reading the post and adding your opinion about it. I am glad you added one more strategy which is known. See you are always ahead in the game that is why I ask you everything.

      Fran Aslam

  2. Alex



    what a fantastic list you have put together, and a really good resource for anyone wanting to look at how they can improve their overall traffic and conversation :)

    I think #2 is the most powerful, because it is all about getting out there and getting known. If you can get to a point where people recognise you, you gain a certain level of credibility that you could not get any other way.
    The power of social proof is a very powerful tool indeed.

    THanks so much for your awesome support and comments ongoing with my posts Fran,

    You are awesome!
    Alex recently posted..4 Essential Blogging Tools to make life easy

  3. Fran Aslam

    Hi Alex:

    Thanks for reading this post. Yes # 2 is the strategy that makes a big difference.
    At the same time it takes most time also.

    I enjoyed reading your post as you have mentioned all the essentials.

    I like your approach to SEO and key words
    Take care
    Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Good morning Terry:

      I am glad to see you here. My effort was not enough. After writing the post I cam to know few more strategies that I would have added. I am thinking to write all and turn them into an
      ebook. Thanks

      What do you think of that.
      Fran Aslam

  4. Jacinta D

    Hi Fran,

    Awesome tips and tricks.

    My favourite is number 6. Be human and natural.

    Hope everything is going well.

    See you back here soon! :cool:


    Jacinta :D

  5. Adam Paudyal

    Hey Fran,

    Awesome 20 tips you have put together. Great resource…

    You are absolutely right, traffic is the key and social proof is what really separates you from the rest in the blogosphere. Being natural also helps with the flow.

    Thanks for the great tips Fran.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Adam:

      Nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliment to the blog post. Adam you write great
      Are you an Internet marketer or technology expert. Your post about Perma links
      helped me a lot and provided me the information that I was looking for .

      Talk again
      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Steve:

      Just a note to thank you for liking the list of traffic strategies. I appreciate a feed back from bloggers who know what to do and how to do and you are one of them.

      Fran Aslam

  6. Rick Byrd


    One technique that many bloggers fail to follow is “asking for comments”. Maybe noy saying “please comment below”, but ask a question like “what do you think about…?” or “what king of problems have you had with…?” Too many bloggers stop the discussion by not ending their post with an open ended question.

    Nice job listing these 20 effective strategies.

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Blog Update – Testing Changes at MarketingWithRickcom

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi preeti:

      Thanks for reading the blog post and writing a comment. I like your niche for the blog and it is a very good topic. Keep up the good work.

      Fran Aslam

  7. Abbie @ pig costumes

    Participate and communicate. This was definitely a great way to make your blogging more effective. The tips you’ve shared were so awesome. I believe it was a great thing to execute. In addition, creating a comment with the appropriate font also matter. It was just a simple yet very powerful piece of advice. People find it so hard to read your post if it was not appropriate. Font color make it too hard to read.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Felicia:

      Thanks for connecting. Replying for the comments, my blog has a plug in that creates a link back to your site right away.
      This is a great feature to return more traffic to your site. I hope this helps.

      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Terry:

      That is what I was thinking for myself. to write an ebook on blog traffic. I also decided how many pages, chapters and was thinking of a place to buy pictures and good publishers, that has to be no one but Amazon. Because they have kindle and kindle is promoted a lot for Christmas. But I have writing jobs set for this time. So acting on it is sort of impossible at this time.

      I am glad you saw it that way too.

      So are you ready with another blog post, I will come and visit you today. Thanks for a comment.
      Make it a great day for yourself.

      Fran Aslam

  8. Sally

    Hey Fran,

    Fabulous list!

    If so many more bloggers followed your list there would be none of the sad lonely blogs with no traffic out there.

    I always feel sad when I see people blogging regularly, but failing their blog by focusing on getting traffic and building up their readership.

    I know everyone says content is KING, but if no one ever sees it, it’s essentially useless.

    I must say I would add social media to your list too, twitter and facebook now send the most traffic to my site behind Google, and you can virtually automate all your feeds into both and drive a ton of traffic to your blog or site of your choice.

    Speak soon, Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Top Ten Blogs That Sent My Blog Traffic

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Sally:

      Wow what a surprise seeing you here. As I was missing you and really feeling alone without your comment. I do understand if you are busy. You have to check your goals and do things in that order. Success does not come easily. Have a wonderful day and thank you

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  10. marlon @ productivity bits

    This got me thinking. I did realize, until now, that I can try a lot of things to attract readers and comments (aside from quality content of course). I have some stuff that I can give away.

    All I am depending on right now is “Content is King”, and I am starting to see that that is not enough. I need more venues to attract more readers into so I can have the growth and expansion I want for my blog. :-)
    marlon @ productivity bits recently posted..Conquering The Open Loops Of Productivity

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Marlon:

      Thanks for comment on my blog post. You are right when we are not buying traffic to promote any online activity, here we are talking about blogs, we have to provide traffic with few activities.

      As you said best contents, title of the post, linking to the post, and book marking to the post, and comments to the post are basic traffic providers to a blog. Being known by blogsphere works good too.

      Let us talk again
      Fran Aslam

  11. Bryan McHeyzer@The Internet Intern

    Hi Fran,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.

    Excellent list … give me a things to do list to get traffic to my blogs.
    Most times I have to skip videos as my connection is just too slow.. I do have a wireless connection.

    Maybe I am too far away being in Australia ha! ha!


    1. Fran Aslam

      Hey Bryan!
      Thanks for the comment. Nice to see you here. Well with the look and contents of your blog it looks like you already have the required traffic to your blog so do not have to worry about creating more traffic. But keep up with traffic is the key that works for you.

      Well enjoy the week end.
      Fran Aslam

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    1. Fran Aslam


      Thank you very much for ping back and mentioning my post in the blog post. I am speechless to say more

      Talk again
      Fran Aslam

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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Thu:

      Thanks for the pingback. I went to your blog and read the post. Awesome post so much detail
      wow.I added a comment at your blog

      Take Care

      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Thiru:

      Thanks for visiting your blog. I have seen you at so many blogs comments like Alex’s and etc
      that I decided to visit your blog, and this time you were so happy to guest blog. Therefore, I decided to get to know. I will visit your blog again. I am hoping you will do the same.

      Make it a great day for yourself

      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Zarko:

      Thanks for such a prompt comment back to my site. I appreciate it very much.

      I see you are as eager as I am to promote my site. Do you have a website too?

      Talk another day.

      Fran Aslam

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi lawmacs:

      Thanks for placing a comment on my blog post. Practical SEO, has a great look and contents.
      I will have a look at your blog too.

      Make it a great day for yourself.

    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi Shaun or Movies online:

      Thanks for the comment. I did not see your website either in the searches. You have a very interesting topic. Everyone wants to watch a movie.

      Talk again
      Fran Aslam

  14. Alan Ashwood

    Hi Fran and thanks

    As a total newbie out here in the wilderness, this is exactly the sort of information I need. I’ve neglected my blog to do some blog hopping, and maybe clear my head.
    I was getting concerned that my posts were losing the point, and I know I need to get directed again.
    My main distraction at the moment is that I’m constructing another blog, and I don’t intend to publish until I have at least 30 GOOD posts.
    There’s a lot of work here. I value it, and will use it.
    Many thanks

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    1. Fran Aslam

      Hi ping person:

      I usually like to reply to all my comments if I approve them. I do not know your name. You are admin at your site.

      Any ways Thank you for a ping.

      Fran Aslam

  16. Alan Ashwood

    Hi Fran
    Sorry to see that your blog’s been invaded by advertising rubbish (above), as I often visit you to see what your up to. Coincidentally, I’ve recently written a post about spammers. Fortunately I have installed Askimet, and I ALWAYS moderate any comments before publishing. It means you get less ‘seen’ traffic, but at least it keeps out the idiots.
    By the way guys, I didn’t want to know about Casinos, Cold Sores or Insurance, and the one from the skateboarder is absolute rubbish.

    Very cold here isn The Forest :-)

    Take care

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