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postheadericon 10 Self Preventive Measures for Diabetes Prevention





Diabetes statistics and general health overview is proving that Diabetes epidemic has hijacked human health globally. Research and estimates are about more and more spread of diabetes 2. It is slowing overall advancement, economy and society as a whole. In this kind of situation only medical expert and medicines can not solve this problem. We have to take back our health by working individually and together as a society along with medical experts. It is very important for the next generation not to face this epidemic.



 1. Focus on all preventive measures for yourself and do not let diabetes attack you.

 2. Those who are diabetic have to be extra careful to maintain normal blood sugar range.

 3.  Take self preventive measures to reverse diabetes along with medical care from health care provider.

 4. Be a part of a support group to find the solution to problems and complications and help each other with those.



Diabetes 2 is reversible once you are focused to do so. This starts from home and self care.  It is easy and doable for every one who has type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Following are some of the general and easy steps to diabetes management that will make a big positive difference.


Check blood sugars few times a day with glucometer


Fasting blood sugar levels chart is extremely important. Once fasting blood sugar is 100 mg/dL, it is regarded that the patient has full control of diabetes and will not get lots of diabetes complication. Glucose monitors seem a lot of hassel to a new diabetic, but its benefits are awesome, blood glucose chart is the exact measuer of diabetes.


Start by checking it two hours after every meal. Another suggestion is to check the blood sugars before a meal, so you know your limit of food how much to eat and blood sugar may not spike too high. Decide your personal choice to get the normal blood sugars reading next morning.


Get rid of the extra weight


In case you are overweight get rid of the extra weight. Many times diabetes attacks when person is over weight or has lots of added fat in the body because of careless eating. Once diagnosed with this disease it becomes extremely important to take off extra fat and weight. This will automatically improve your diabetic condition of insulin resistance. A great factor to regulate your blood sugars.


Balanced diabetic meals with fiber rich diet


One of the cause of diabetes today is under nourished bodies and overfed people with processed foods. It is time to take care and prepare meals that have low glycemic index and most nutrition. To do this prepare your meal plate in such a way that “sides” becomes the main meal.  Reduce the amount of bread pasta potato rice or corn and a small portion of fish chicken or another lean protein. Make sure there is plenty of fresh fiber in the plate. Fibers boosts metabolism, controls blood sugars and makes you feel full longer. It also helps you reduce weight.



Coffee and tea helps to control blood sugars


If you are using decaffeinated coffee it is the best. But in any case coffee helps regular blood sugar levels. This has been proved with research and experiments. Decaffeinated coffee, almost four cups a day reduces the blood sugar spikes up to 36% which is an amazing improvement. Tea also plays same kind of role. So in between meal use of coffee or tea is helpful, but do not use artificial sweeter or white refined sugar. If you do need to sweeten the tea use natural sugars like Stevia sugar, that maintains regular blood sugar levels. Here is a short list of these natural sugars.


 1. Raw honey (not processed)

 2. Stevia drived from plant

 3. Coconut sugar

 4. Brown rice syrup

 5. Licorice syrup


You will find these online and in health food stores. Stevia is becoming popular and is available in many stores.


Focus on being extremely active


Add more and more activity every day to the daily routine. This helps you metabolize your food in such a way that blood sugar does not stay in the blood streams for too long and reduces the impact of high blood sugars bringing it to a normal much faster. An exercise routine as daily workout adds best diabetes management. Consult a fitness trainer if you want to excel and this will help you with your heart health which becomes extremely important as a diabetic patient.


Prepare food with fresh nutritious ingredients and not processed


It makes a great difference to eat food made from fresh ingredients as it provides more nutritional value and you need that to mintain your blood sugars. If there is no time to cook find a professional place that can prepare your meals with low glycemic index. Make sure there are lots of vegetables in it along with lean protein and complex carbohydrates.


Vitamins mineral supplements


Vitamins and minerals are very important part of a balanced diet to provide nutrition to your body and this will boost metabolism that will control blood sugars to normal range. In order to get the best results take some basic vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements. Vitamin B, C, E, D and magnesium all are important and will help you maintain a better health and blood sugars. Consult your doctor for adding vitamin and mineral to your routine..


Omega 3


This is an all round health booster, improves to regular blood sugars, heart health, reduces inflammation and provides an overall improvement to health. Taking plant based or Salmon oil Omega is a great addition to improve blood sugars. Add it to your daily diabetic care (discuss it with your doctor).


Portion control and distribution of carbohydrates


portion control of food is the key to reverse diabetes. Eating more carbs during the early part of the day and least at the last meal will help you to control blood sugar. Eat the last meal of the day as early as possible may be between six and seven. This helps the best fasting blood sugar levels in the morning that counts the most to determine over all blood sugar range.

To your best health.

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