postheadericon 10 Best Halloween Costumes of 2010

Halloween is held on October 31st which is the last day of the Celtic Calender.  Celtics believed the border between this world and the other world opens on Halloween.  So, people wore costumes on Halloween night to disguise themselves and avoid getting hurt.  Scottland  started using the word Halloween in 16th century to this night.  Where as United Kingdom started Halloween pumpkin carving and putting it on the door steps, to avoid all evils of the night.  Halloween masks and costumes help you not to be recognized by ghost and wicked witches.

This is how Halloween night started in our lives, it is the start of longer nights fall and everyone dresses up now as a tradition.  Imagination and    versatility have made our disguising very good, and always better than the last year.

This year there are so many new costumes, couples Halloween costumes, toddler Halloween costumes, babies Halloween costumes, even      cheap  Halloween costumes and plus size Halloween costumes.

Some costumes are so popular for the current year that they are sold out in September, though it is the start of the peak time to sell costumes.

This year the rush started with babies.  These are specially designed for the chilled October to keep babies warm.  This idea is taken from characters.Awonderland lice in

1.  Little Monster costumes in Pink and Blue.

2. Precious Poodle costumes in Pink and Blue.

Both of these are really hot items for babies.  You will hardly find them on some websites now.

In the Toddler Halloween costumes and the kids section the popular costume is:

3.  Child Neytiri Avatar:

This best seller is selling like hot cakes if quantities available at some stores or sites.  After watching the cool movie Avatar girls love to wonder around ready to save  as many animals as possible.

4.  Ben 10 Spider Monkey:

Boys will love to spin webs and save the world in no time.  This year Ben 10 toys and Ben 10 pictures are popular items for kids.

5.  Neytiri Sexy Avatar Costume:

This is the hottest selling item for girls of all ages.

6.  Iron man Costumes:

The super deluxe adult costume is hard to resist.  Everyone wants to grab this costume for their Halloween out.

Among the sexy costume for 2010, the most desired for girls and boys are:

7.  The Sexy Peacock Adult.

8.  Sexy Donatello Deluxe Adult.

Among plus size Halloween costumes, the most popular selection for 2010 is:

9.  Queen of hearts playing card adult costume:

This costume is very popular in plus size girls


10. Day of the dead groom :

This year it came up in plus size and is even more popular than 2009.  Last year it was popular for regular size guys.

Happy Halloween



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