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Generally, most of us feel health.  As a norm some of us are careless about health and well being and others are focused to keep track of their health by positive choices all day and seven days a week.  These people optimize their health:


1.  By taking a well balanced diet.

2.  Doing plenty of exercise everyday.

3.  Making sure the sleep properly every night.

4.  Planning these everyday activities a head of time so there is no interruption or time clash.

5.  Most important of all time management so all activities follow as a routine with no miss management.

6.  Making sure to integrate all this in a positive and acceptable daily routine so it may provide a happy and positive feeling.

7. Making sure to make regular appointments with doctors about all  A-Z health issues at the required time for check up to know the real situation.

8. Make it a great life style and enjoying it.


postheadericon The Greatest Wealth is Health





Yes the greatest wealth is health.  This makes me think of the question what is health?  

Health is very hard to define but we all know what it is .  Health is a condition of sound body mind and spirit.   It also includes a disease-free life with no pain physically.  in short it is an over all feeling of the body.  In short it is an over all feeling of wellness.

Health is a very important part of our life and without that we are not able to perform on optimal level.  For more about health please read future posts.




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postheadericon Neuropathy Symptoms | Types | Awareness | and Neuropathy Treatment


May 14-18, 2012 is Neuropathy Awareness Week






What is Neuropathy? It is a nerve disease. Human body is connected with the brain to work and interact as required in certain situation and that happens when brain sends message to the parts of the body via nerves. Body’s ability to communicate with the muscles, skin joints and internal anatomy is interrupted with Neuropathy due to nerve disorder.


According to the latest statisticsalmost 30 % of Peripheral Neuropathy is connected with diabetes complication, however, it has several other forms and some of those are:


  • Autonomic Neuropathy
  • Cancer related Neuropathy
  • Compressive Neuropathies
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Drug induced and toxic Neuropathy
  • G I and nutrition related Neuropathies
  • Hereditary Neuropathies
  • Infectious diseases and Neuropathy
  • Neuropathy Pain
  • Chemotherapy induced Neuropathy


And to add to this it is said that there are several other ( almost 30 % more) peripheral neuropathies and causes for those are unknown.


postheadericon Avoid Diabetes Complication with a Low Sodium Diet

Diabetes complication starts setting in once the diabetic faces high sugar level. A diabetic meal plan works at its best when it consists of low glycemic index foods, portion control, carbohydrate counting and prepared by cutting back on salt with a low sodium diet. This seems to be surprisingly new and recently added factor for diabetes care but it is not new. Cutting back on salt does create more benefits for a diabetic.


Diabetics who are watching their carbohydrates intake, going for least refined sugar and now cutting back on salt also,feel that flavor of meals becomes less palatable and this makes it boring to continue on diabetic management. But it is worth the effort and with little focus it becomes second nature.



postheadericon Tips to lose Weight for Diabetes Cure


There is a lot more to reducing weight as a diabeties cure than simply trying to shed some pounds for total health and fitness. It is best to take help from a nutritionist, diabetes educator, certified dietition, endocrinologist, or your diabetes doctor or simply from a support group usually available from hospitals. Online support groups is also a great idea. This will help you with better results and may be even the quickest way to loose weight than if you do it yourself with trial and error.


Losing 10-15 pounds has major benefits


  • It will lower blood sugars, check it with A1C test
  • Reduce blood pressure closer to normal
  • Reduce diabetes complications retinopathy neuropathy and foot problems and a lot more
  • Improves chlosterol levels and improves healthy cholesterol levels


Getting these results is worth the effort as your energy level will increase and you will feel much better to live an active lifestyle.


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